I love Stuffies

Besides my rubber balls, I also love stuffies.

In my 9 years with HC - I had destroyed countless stuffies. When I was a puppy, all stuffies exploded within 5 mins!

Nowadays, as I aged, I learnt how to treasure my stuffies more. Their lifeline has extended to a couple of months.

I loved them so much that I sleep on them.

Here's when I was five years old. The stuffies had RIP!
You noticed that missing feet? hahaha

This was taken a few months back. The gecko is still alive, by the way.

HC was at a crazy kids' toy fair recently and saw these cute stuffies. These can make funny noises when you squeezed the stomach.

The green one is hiding inside my unreachable-and-longingly looked-toy-box.

The black one goes "MA MA KO KO KE KE".

Anyone knows what it means? Is that penguin-talk?
The penguin can still emit noise despite being with me for the past week. HC has praised me for letting the penguin talk way beyond her expectations... hahahaha

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