Abandoned Dog

Another abandoned dog at the park... sigh...

Yesterday morning, a old dachshund was found inside the dog run by himself. A auntie who was walking her dog saw him and decided to feed him some water and food. Then, she left him in the park. In the evening, she came by again with her daughter to see if the dog's still there. Sadly, he was. Initially, they wanted to bring to SPCA but a few people told them that as the dachshund is old and has a lump on his skin, most likely, the dog will be put to sleep. I guess they later don't have the heart and decided to bring him home for the time being.

I find the behavior of the human who abandoned the old dachshund appalling. How could he has the heart to abandon a dog who has faithfully and loyally served him all these years? Sigh..... to think we watch over you, your family and your house like a hawk, yet when we grow old, you threw us out.

I hope you will be abandoned by your kids later when you grow old too. Serve you right!

In the meantime, I pray that you will step on dog poo whenever you go out, bird shit on your head all the time, attack by some pack of unknown ferocious dogs at night, crows nip and monkeys spit on your head, whenever you walk pass them.

I hope you have a miserable life, you idiot!

(HC : the dog was a sorry sight. He was apparently quite old, and his eyes were so miserable. He was sitting quietly with his head on the woman's lap as if to seek some comfort. And when the woman walked away.. he quietly just followed her hoping she will not abandoned him.)


Yesterday was V-Day (aka vaccination day)

The last V-day was about 2.5 years ago cos HC didn't want to vaccinate us every year. There is a school of thought that advocates vaccination every three years, but being a typical 'kia-see' person, she decided on 2.5 years. Actually, to be frank, she didn't think about it until the vet nags at her.

There is another school of thought that advocates NO VACCINATION at all. And you guess right, this view is strongly supported by canines.. hehehe.. especially those like me who hates needles!

Anyway, Jack and I were sitting quietly/nervously for HALF an HOUR in the reception waiting to see the vet. In fact, most people would think we were very well-behaved boys. But to be honest, I think our legs were too weak to move.

Why wait half an hour? cos the vet was late from his dinner break!!! arrrgghhh.....

As usual the vet did the vaccination on Jack first, and the bloody dog didn't even flinched! HC then said to the vet that I am the one who is scaredy cat.. and Jack is the brave one! @#@$_)+@#

The vet then said...'oh..would you feel better if we feed you some biscuits?' .. and I was ecstatic! I had never been offered biscuits in the clinic (I think the vet offered cos he felt bad for making us wait so long).

In exchange for 2 biscuits, I was a good boy and didn't cry out loud when the needle was poked near my bum area.

(HC : I remembered being very embarrassed once, when Joey actually screamed the moment the needle was poked .. and continued screaming until the needle was pulled out. When we came out of the clinic. everyone in the reception were staring. But I do pitied him at that time cos the vet wanted to do a blood test on him, and the blood was drawn from his neck region. And the springe was huge.. about 4 to 5 inches! Guess that is the reason he becomes a scaredy cat when he visits the vet, even if only to accompany Jack on his monthly jab)

Before we left, the vet told the nurse to give us more biscuits cos we 'are not overweight, and definitely can afford to eat more.'..... yay!!!!

After that we went to the park for some ball games. Actually, the vet said previously that we will probably be 'off-colour' and to let us rest. But on the last V-Day, we went to Sentosa and I swam for an hour even! Off-colour? nah... not us...

Cool & Raining Day

What should we do on a cool & raining day? SLEEP-IN, of course!

ooh.. the down-feather quilt is so soft & comfy..

Jack decides to join us in bed

Jack is falling asleep....

Don't disturb, please...

Are my paws clean enough?

Life is good!

The earlier part of my day is quite boring. We usually have our meals in the morning (yeah.. only 1 meal) after which we will sleep the day away till in the late evenings when HC will rush home from work to bring us to the park.

So happy to be at the park!

Can't stop grinning!

Likes to roll over my 'massage' ball!

mmm... can't decide which ball I should play?

Life is good!

But not everyone enjoy going to the park.

Look at Jack's bored look.

Without fail, he will sit near the gate waiting to go home. Poor Jack usually have to sit in this position for 1-2 hours until HC (or Me) decides it is time to go home


Sigh.... Willy, the old chihuahua is here to stay for a few days as his owner went for a short vacation.

As soon as he stepped into the house, HC complained that Willy looks awful with his unkempt fur, long nails and .... boy, does he smell awful! HC was tempted to shower him immediately but changed her mind cos it was already pretty late at night. But the next day, she quickly sent him to the groomer. Unlucky Jack & I were made to tag along to the groomer and we were 'pet-sitted' for two hours while HC went for shopping! Why didn't she bring us along?

Willy before grooming... (pic didn't justify how awful he looks and smell, but trust me, the fur on his body was really dry and unkempt)

After grooming... neater and not so smelly

Willy's life is quite sad. When he was with his first owner, he only gets to stay in a small size pet carrier. He has to peek through the small openings to look at the outside world. Not only that, he has to pee, poo and sleep in the same carrier. I have seen the carrier, and it is perhaps only double his size. Poor Willy.....

Now he has a slighter better life (though not as good as mine). He gets to stay in the kitchen but he is alone for as long as 12-14 hours each day. Even when his owners were in, they didn't give him alot of TLC. Poor Willy doesn't even get to sleep in their room at night. I cannot imagine what I would do if I have a life like this.

Thus, he is very happy to stay with us for a few days. He gets to go to the park daily, fresh meat with his kibbles, petted by HC, and he gets to sleep with us in the bedroom.

Not only that, he gets to indulge in his favorite activity - HUMPING.
Needless to say, he won't dare to hump Jack cos Jack had growled at him a few times he tried to do that. As for me, Willy is the only one I allows to be humped. In fact, I even fell asleep once while he is humping me.

See how he humps me even when I am busy playing ball?

This position better?

After a day of humping, old Willy needs to sleep

Sigh... are you done with the humping? Can I have some peace, please?

Herbie's a bad dog

In responding to Herbie's post , I hereby declared that he is a BAD DOG - especially when he is in a car. I hate sharing the rear back seat with him. In fact, I shouldn't even use the word 'share' cos Herbie practically takes over the entire rear seat!
Even if we were up on the seat first, occupying about half of it initally, within minutes, Herbie can wiggle his big fat butt slowly to monopolise the seat.

Here's the evidences:

Herbie enjoying himself on the back seat, with plenty of space in front of him

Look how cramped our side are! please help!!!

Where's Jack?

Oh no... Jack was pushed down to the floor board by Herbie's big butt!

You see what we have to put up with when Herbie's in the car with us? sigh....

New treats

It has been raining the last few days and I was bored to tears. The other day, HC came home with this wonderful scent coming from this plastic bag.

Sniff sniff... hmmmmm.. wonderful scent... what is it?

Errr... what's this again?

HC said this is called deer tendon. Humans usually boil this with soup and eat it later. But she decided to let us try it as she heard that it is a good chewing subsititute compared to the commercial treats. And she told us that it is very expensive.. but she managed to get us this cheap low grade ones!

What low grade???

This deer tendon tastes yummy. We took an HOUR just to finish this! Yhew....

New Bed Covers

Last Christmas, both Jack and I had a new bed each. It had been six months since then, and both the bed covers are a bit old and worn off as we have the habit of digging it after our shower, before we sleep or as and when we are bored!

HC went to Little India to buy some nice materials and pass it to Auntie Meena, who did the wonderful beds for us. We are pleasantly surprised that she also did an appliqué of our names on the bed covers. They look fantastic! I can't wait to sleep on it. (HC said she cannot bare to see us spoil the beautiful covers. She is contemplating keeping them! SIAO!!!)

Ta-Da.... here's my bed. (Note : I have neither grown my fur long, nor have I dyed my hair black. The dog in the pic is Tinkerbelle, Auntie Meena's fur-daughter)

..... or supposedly MY bed. Cos HC wanted me to have the round bed, but Jack had other ideas. For some unknown reasons, he loves round bed. So although it has my name on it, I don't think he is gonna let me sleep on it.

Guess I'll have to sleep on HIS bed....


I went to Zouk, probably the most happening club in Singapore!!!

I have heard alot of humans like to party there, and obviously dogs are not welcome inside. But last Sunday, HC brought us there for the very first time for Cleo's Young Entreprenuer Showcase in conjunction with Zouk's monthly flea market. There were alot of humans around, and they were surprised to see dogs inside a club. I think not many dogs know about this event, cos I saw 3-4 other dogs. There was a huge young malamute there, and our hearts stopped a beat when we saw him sniffing Tommy. Luckily Tommy was a bit dazed and didn't react. hehe... if not the bouncers there will be busy stopping dog fights!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself cos alot of humans exclaimed over how cute we are, but, unfortunately, no one find us cute enough to feed us some biscuits! We didn't stay long cos it was getting really crowded and HC was frustrated that she couldn't shop properly with us around. Yet, she managed to buy a dress & a top! I overheard her telling Auntie W that she will visit again next month without us. Sigh...

oh, we were recognised by some readers to this blog! Yeah... makes me feel so flattered. Thanks for making my day, guys! Next time, throw me a ball/banana/mango?

The humans look like some criminals!

Picture taken courtesy by Mr. Lester Boey, Les Gallery Pte Ltd.Thanks, Mr. Boey for the nice pictures!
Note : Blurring of face was intentionally done by Auntie S, as requested by HC.

The monkey on the mango tree

The mango tree outside my house is in season, and the yummy smell makes us salivate all day. I was hoping to find some along the pavement, but alas, the ones I saw were eaten up. I was really puzzled as I don't think the animals in my estate especially the irritating roosters were that smart to peel off the mango skin so nicely.

I just found out that there is a monkey staying in the small forested area outside my block! HC saw him twice strolling along the pavement. This monkey is very mischievious! A few times when HC was walking us to the car, a mango seed (left with skin hanging) would dropped from the trees, nearly missing us. Another time, HC saw from our window that this monkey also threw a seed near to a Indian guy. She was amused to see this guy quickly walking away with his hand protecting his head! I'll bet the cheeky monkey kept the seed with him until someone passes by to drop it near their head.

Do you guys think I can negotiate a deal/barter trade with the monkey? Say, Jack the old man in exchange for some mangos?

1 + 1 = 1

That's what HC's dad taught us....

Yesterday, HC complained that he (HC's dad) should not have overfed us the other day causing me to puke and Jack to poo too much. Immediately, her dad said, "ok, I won't feed them too miuch bread, will just feed them ONE tiny piece of biscuit." Having said that, he immediately went to the biscuit container and gave us 1 biscuit each. Then, HC exclaimed, "oh no... not the lemon puff biscuits! It is too sweet for dogs!". Hehe, too late, we already ate it.

HC's dad saw an opportunity to feed us more and said, "oh, never mind.. I will feed them the plain ones then!" And he went to give us one more plain cracker each.
I can see from afar that HC is rolling her eyes. hahaha...So end up we had 2 biscuits each, instead of the promised 1.

I bet even Herbie have not tasted lemon puff biscuits. I think he only eats plain ones.


Some humans and dogs have shoe fetish. For example, Jaffe likes to chew shoes and his mama loves to buy shoes. I say they are a perfect pair!

I don't have a fetish for shoes. In fact, since young, I have never been interested in chewing shoes. But.... I have socks fetish. If no socks, lingerie will do as well.

When I was younger and staying with HC's parents, I used to shock (and embarrassed) everyone in the house by running around with socks or lingerie in my mouth. The humans will then ran around chasing after me.. it was really fun. Come late at night, I will patiently wait for HC's dad to come back from work. Once he steps in , I pretend to greet him happily. As soon as he takes off his socks, I will grabbed the socks and make him ran after me.

Unfortunately, HC hates my ill manners and tried to put a stop to it. So, I never really dare to grab things when she is around. In fact, the last time I did was three years ago when we were walking up to our 3rd storey apartment, and on the way up, I secretly took a dirtied sock from the 2nd floor unit. When HC realised it, she scolded me and had to hold her breath, picked up the dirtied sock and returned it to the rightful owner.

But I completely forgotten about my training the other day, and grabbed HC's socks. Immediately, I was caught and make to sit stay with the sock still in my mouth. That was then that I realised how smelly socks can be...


No Sympathy, No TLC

I was sick last night, puked about 3-4 times. When one is sick, you realised who really cares for you. And I concluded, NO ONE cares about me at all.

Last night about 1 a.m., as usual, I irritated HC by asking to go out of the bedroom to pee and poo. She was very upset with me recently as I always poo in the middle of the night, thus disturbing her sleep. Anyway, after my pee and poo business, I continue to be very restless in bed cos I was feeling really queasy in my stomach. Again, I asked to be let out to the papers to puke. HC was so upset at me disturbing her every few mins that she throw me out of the bedroom. Her reasoning is that the papers will be more accessible if I sleep outside. But..... I am sick! I need some sympathies and some tender loving care from HC!!! Instead, I was alone in the living room and puking every now and then. Jack didn't even move an inch from his bed all the while. Talk about brotherhood! Humph.....

In the morning, HC woke up and said I deserved to be sick cos I gobbled up bread given by HC's dad the evening before. You see, he loves us alot and usually feed us with 2-3 slices of bread at one go. And of course I got to show my appreciation by gobbling up as fast as possible. And, we hardly get to meet him these days.

Jack didn't do any better. He poo twice this morning from the overeating.

HC said she will postponed our dinner from 6pm. to 10p.m from today onwards so that I don't wake her up to poo every night. If I continue to do that after the delayed dinner, she will not feed us dinner altogether!!!!! oh NO... someone please help!!!!