Sigh.... Willy, the old chihuahua is here to stay for a few days as his owner went for a short vacation.

As soon as he stepped into the house, HC complained that Willy looks awful with his unkempt fur, long nails and .... boy, does he smell awful! HC was tempted to shower him immediately but changed her mind cos it was already pretty late at night. But the next day, she quickly sent him to the groomer. Unlucky Jack & I were made to tag along to the groomer and we were 'pet-sitted' for two hours while HC went for shopping! Why didn't she bring us along?

Willy before grooming... (pic didn't justify how awful he looks and smell, but trust me, the fur on his body was really dry and unkempt)

After grooming... neater and not so smelly

Willy's life is quite sad. When he was with his first owner, he only gets to stay in a small size pet carrier. He has to peek through the small openings to look at the outside world. Not only that, he has to pee, poo and sleep in the same carrier. I have seen the carrier, and it is perhaps only double his size. Poor Willy.....

Now he has a slighter better life (though not as good as mine). He gets to stay in the kitchen but he is alone for as long as 12-14 hours each day. Even when his owners were in, they didn't give him alot of TLC. Poor Willy doesn't even get to sleep in their room at night. I cannot imagine what I would do if I have a life like this.

Thus, he is very happy to stay with us for a few days. He gets to go to the park daily, fresh meat with his kibbles, petted by HC, and he gets to sleep with us in the bedroom.

Not only that, he gets to indulge in his favorite activity - HUMPING.
Needless to say, he won't dare to hump Jack cos Jack had growled at him a few times he tried to do that. As for me, Willy is the only one I allows to be humped. In fact, I even fell asleep once while he is humping me.

See how he humps me even when I am busy playing ball?

This position better?

After a day of humping, old Willy needs to sleep

Sigh... are you done with the humping? Can I have some peace, please?


Scuba said...

My goodness. Your cousin looked so tiny but cute.

Mom told me your cousin only have 15kibbles a day (15). The thought of it makes me hungry.

Sam I am said...

We stopped by way of Herbie!!You have an AWESOMS blog ,And you are a Handsome man thanks for sharing !!!

Woof ,Sam I am

joey said...

the CHH who had 15 kibbles is not Willy. It is someone else!
Thanks for dropping by, Sam I am.