Easily Satisfied

Due to the stupid rain recently, we have not been going out that often.

By going out - I mean playing endless fetch game - and not short walks or car ride to the supermarket.

If we are stuck at home, I would demand HC to play fetch in the small confined space at home for at least 1.5 - 2 hrs.

HC said she is glad that she only has 1 dog (she means ME) that is demanding.

Her other dog - Jack is easily satisfied with a treat and 'rough' play with like 10 mins every night.

(HC : Jack used to play very rough with marks and scratches on me 8 years ago. But now, he has learnt to be more gentle in his games)

See how 'sickeningly' happy he is when HC scratches his neck for like 1 min?

Then, he started to "play bite" HC's fingers.

I think Jack uses HC's fingers to sleep like how a baby uses his pacifiers!

He is just so sickening! How can he be so easily satisfied with life??

OMG.... what kind of animal is that??

Have you seen such a huge animal bone?

It's knuckle is bigger than my head!!!!

But it sure taste delicious!
This bone belongs to Scuba. He is kind enough to let all his friends taste it (for a while, anyway). It is so huge that I couldn't even grab it with my paws. So HC had to hold on to it while I nibble at the corners.
Mmmmm... I wonder if the bone is still with Scuba? Think I have another chance to nibble again??

This is more like it!

After that miserable post about rising food costs , I had happier news.

HC felt bad after looking at the photo of Jack and his paw-sized cake, and Scuba's mum keep "pestering" her to celebrate Jack's birthday proper.

So, she took a chance - went to a dog bakery at the last moment - and managed to get a cake for Jack.

Even though the cake is girly - pink, Jack didn't mind it at all. And surprise, surprise - Scuba's mum bake a huge lamb pattie.

He received presents from Helios and Huskee.

After he tore it open, Scuba and Helios decided to claim the presents as theirs.
Helios with the toy that he's supposed to give to Jack.
Helios : Can I have the toy back?

Rising Food Costs

I have been hearing so much about rising food costs around the world.

And now we are experiencing it!

Jack's birthday cake - 2006

Jack's birthday cake - 2007

Jack's birthday cake - 2008!

Did you all see the injustice made to Jack?

Yes, its his self-appointed birthday cum anniversay with HC. (For more of how Jack came to HC - please read here)

After 8 long years with HC, his birthday cake has reduced to the size of his paw!!! How unfair!!

(HC : ahem.... I think Joey is more worried that there isn't enough for him).

Jack decided to try to lick and see if it's poisonous! (one wouldn't know for sure if their human decided to kill them over rising food costs!)

The picture doesn't shows it - but do you know this paw-sized cake is actually stolen from another dog with the name "B"!!!!!! How cheap!
(HC : the "B" on top of the cake stands for "blueberry").

Nevertheless, Jack decided that it's better than nothing at all.

Hey..... leave some for me! ^%##**$&%^

Rude Guest

Jack is a rude guest at Scuba's place.

He will make himself very very comfortable - such as rolling around the carpet while making grunting sounds like a pig.

If Scuba's bed is empty (Scuba usually sleeps on it all the time, unless he's begging for food), Jack will help himself on it.

Firstly, he'll roll and dig around the bed.

Helios curiously looking at weird and rude Jack.

I tried to whisper in Jack's ear that it is very rude to mess up some dog's bed.

He told me, "Go away and leave me alone!"

And he promptly make himself comfortable.