OMG.... what kind of animal is that??

Have you seen such a huge animal bone?

It's knuckle is bigger than my head!!!!

But it sure taste delicious!
This bone belongs to Scuba. He is kind enough to let all his friends taste it (for a while, anyway). It is so huge that I couldn't even grab it with my paws. So HC had to hold on to it while I nibble at the corners.
Mmmmm... I wonder if the bone is still with Scuba? Think I have another chance to nibble again??


LiZ said...

OMG you just gave me a shock! For one moment I thought you were saying that the bone is Scuba's bone, as in taken from his body.... *choy choy choy* blimey~ :I

Joe Stains said...

That is the biggest bone I have ever seen, you are lucky Scuba lets you try it!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

What a HUGE bone. Is it from a dinosaur? How long will it take you to finish it?

~ Girl girl