Rising Food Costs

I have been hearing so much about rising food costs around the world.

And now we are experiencing it!

Jack's birthday cake - 2006

Jack's birthday cake - 2007

Jack's birthday cake - 2008!

Did you all see the injustice made to Jack?

Yes, its his self-appointed birthday cum anniversay with HC. (For more of how Jack came to HC - please read here)

After 8 long years with HC, his birthday cake has reduced to the size of his paw!!! How unfair!!

(HC : ahem.... I think Joey is more worried that there isn't enough for him).

Jack decided to try to lick and see if it's poisonous! (one wouldn't know for sure if their human decided to kill them over rising food costs!)

The picture doesn't shows it - but do you know this paw-sized cake is actually stolen from another dog with the name "B"!!!!!! How cheap!
(HC : the "B" on top of the cake stands for "blueberry").

Nevertheless, Jack decided that it's better than nothing at all.

Hey..... leave some for me! ^%##**$&%^


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Jack looks real hungry in the last photo. This rising food cost sux... I hope we dont have to all end up eating MIC food

~ Girl girl

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

Joe Stains said...

what a jerk, he didnt even share with you!

happy birthday JACK!

Alfie said...

jack, u are luckier than i am. i didnt even get a paw sized cake on my recent birthday! neither did i get an 'off-day', SHE made me go for my SaR class!and after that i was left all alone at home, while SHE went off to work! Sigh!

Helios said...

I think your HC felt bad. After all she got you a new cake yesterday, and we all got a share this time. It was yummy!

Huskee Boy said...

OMdoG.. I don't believe this.. it's really shrunk to a size that's only a fraction of the previous years' cakes!! (Hey wait, I have a piece of cake from you.. how is that possible?) **scratch head**