Early Riser

Jack is a early riser. He will wake up at about the same time as HC. While HC busied herself with her morning routine, Jack will irritates me with his gnawing sound.

He loves to fetch 3-4 pcs of his chew bones from the toy box to his bed and take turns to gnaw at each of them.

See how he placed the 2 other chew bones on the floor first? He will then rotate the chew toys every few mins.

All these gnawing is disturbing my beauty sleep! Grrrrrrr.....

Can someone please get him to keep quiet?


HC was at a recent German Fair and bought this for us!

Ok, it is not edible. But it helps to blend our vegetable mix so we won't poop the veg out 12 hrs after consumption (heehee)

The current jug blender is a bit old and when HC operates it, the noise wakes up the entire estate :) And HC hated the mess create by the old blender cos the veg mix always leaks from the bottom.

So she thought that this blender should solve the problem of leaking veg mix as the blade is not at the base, and it also says, "anti-splash" on the box.

She went to an organic store and bought these organic vegetables - carrots, broccoli, celery and some leafy veg (dunno the name).

Then she started using the blender..

And guess what? It took 45 minutes for the 'handheld' blender to get all the vegetables done. By the end of it, HC's arm is aching all over!

And remember the word 'anti splash' on the box? well, by the end of the blending session, HC notices a few splash of veg mix on her face and shirt!

hahaha! She should have just let me lick it off instead of washing it away.

End product - blended veg mix.

There are a total of 16 small containers like the one above, and it'll probably last us for 3-4 weeks cos we usually have veg only 2-3 times a week.

Abnormal Heart

Jack has a abnormal heart.

Don't worry, I don't mean his slight heart murmur has worsen. Rather, his heart is located near his intestines, and he is showing his heart to everyone!

The picture is not clear so HC drew the outline.

Basically, Jack's underbelly fur outlined a heart shape and there is not fur within it.

Close look

What is Jack trying to say? That he has a heart (ya... right) despite his aloof exterior?

Trips to the Beach

It was a rare Saturday morning that HC woke us up before dawn. I was really excited when she put on my life jacket, cos I know it is 'beach time'.

Usually it's just us at the lone beach, but this time we had a rare guest -

My girlfriend - Alfie

I know.. she does resembles me in this picture cos she's wearing the same life jacket.

And she as ball crazy as I am!

That's me!

Jack is performing his guard duty. No, not 'life guard' cos he hates swimming. He's just guarding the water bottle and my poo (in the orange bag).

Below are some pictures that I took a few weeks ago when we visited the beach.

Hehehe.. I like to bury my ball

And dig it out again!

And roll over to flatten the ball.

Sometimes Jack patrol the beach...

Or he'll daydream...
After a while, he'll beg HC to send him home

I love my trips to the beach, even though we had to wake up before dawn to avoid the crowds.

We'll meet again, Herbie

From Jack to Herbie:

I'm sorry to hear that you left us for heaven last night. But then, I am glad that you didn't have prolonged suffering.

True to your considerate and good nature - you decided to leave when your M and MM were asleep, probably to lessen their pain and to have your M make the difficult decision whether or not to put you to sleep. And true to your loving nature, you chose to pass away right outside your M and MM's bedroom door.

Do you know that my HC dreamt of you last night? Because you had been rejecting food for the last 2 days, she dreamt that she blended some liquid food, and you ate it all up. And HC dreamt that she was happily telling your M, "Herbie ate two cups of liquid food!" I guess maybe it's your way of telling your M that you are no longer suffering and is eating well again.

You sure are a lucky dog as you're deeply loved by everyone (humans and dogs alike). I know of some owners who'll put their pets to sleep over a slight ailment, but your M and MM were willing to go to great length to ensure your well-being.

I know alot of people said I am a unfriendly dog. But you know something? Whenever you guys came to the regular park and I barked at you loudly through the gate? Well, that's my way of saying "Hi, pal!". You'll definitely won't hear me barking at strange dogs whenever they stepped into our park.

So, I hope to be able to bark at you again someday over the rainbow. In the meantime, keep the best seats for us, ya? And remember to leave me some of those sumptous food that you're having.

This is my HC's favourite picture of you. She prefers to remember you this way :

I am writing instead of Joey because Joey and Helios are similar - they are both oblivious to such stuff. Just this morning, Helios saw HC and happily presented her with a toy! HC doesn't know if she should cry or laugh.