We were on the way to the dog park recently. Just when HC was opening the gate – 3 kids with a tiny little mongrel puppy started shouting, “don’t come in – our dog will bite!!” HC looked at the little puppy (which she guessed about 2-3 months) and then decided to take the ‘risk’.

She told the kids, “in that case, YOU will have to control your dog.”

The kids continued, “really…. Don’t come in… our dog is a GUARD DOG!”

At that point, HC was trying hard to stop herself from sniggering.

(HC : I suspect the kids were too inexperienced to differentiate between puppy playbiting and real aggressiveness. Furthermore, the pup looked to be 2 months old and showed no signs of aggression. I am confident that Jack and Joey are able to handle this little pup considering he is only 1/3 of their size. I was also amused that they think their two month old pup is a GUARD dog…. heehee)

After we stepped in, the puppy wasn’t even confident enough to come greet us. Of course, both of us tried to sniff/hump him a bit to show him whose boss before our real boss (ahem) stopped us.

HC then tried to ply some information from the kids about the puppy.

HC : “Where did you get the puppy?”

Kid : “My brother’s friend sold him to us at S$300”

HC eyes popped – take another look at the dog, obviously a mongrel - black with slight tan markings on face, and LONG SKINNY tail and said “oh… that is too much to pay!”

Kid : “No… he is a rottweiler.. so it’s ok!”

HC : “he looks like a mongrel to me”

Kid : “No.. he is a Rottweiler.. maybe not so pure”


HC : I like mongrels and have seen enough mongrels and rottweiler to know the difference. But it is incredulous that some stupid backyard breeder would breed a mongrel and sold it off as a rottweiler. I pitied those that are conned this way. But then again, maybe it is a good thing for the kid to think that they have got a rottweiler guard dog? Perhaps they will treasure him more? Some people are more ‘breed’ conscious than others.


Meditating in process....

Joey added : "That's not me! It's Jack".. hahaha

Revenge is sweet

A couple of days ago, we (dogs) were all dumped at Scuba’s house while the humans went for dinner.

As a revenge for being dumped, we asked Jack to help since he’s the only one with ‘stuff’ to spare.

Guess what greeted the humans when they opened the door? Well, Jack has offloaded his wet poo in the living room and toilet. However, Auntie V said the most unusual thing: “I am impressed that Jack knew how to go poo in the toilet!”. HC was not impressed though because she had walked both of us for at least 15 mins to ‘offload’ us – but Jack simply wasn’t interested.

(HC : it is really embarrassing for Jack to mess up Scuba’s place. However, the only consolation was that I knew Jack did it in the toilet first, but when he got too much shit and no space in the toilet, he did it in the living room. He has this habit of wanting ‘space’ for his shit)

Also, the humans were in such a rush that they forgot the most important thing - that is keeping the cat’s food away. But HC thought we didn’t eat much of it, cos there are still kibbles left in the bowl when they checked.

But she’s sooo wrong.

At night, Jack drank a lot of water – which is unusual cos dogs on raw food drank very little water. Also, he looks bloated and vomited a little. The next day, more horrors awaits – Jack pooped almost 1 week worth of shit – during the day as well as middle of the night. Needless to say, HC is not amused.

Jack looking very pleased with himself.

Great Pretender

HC found evidence of our language abilities.

The other day, the humans were having dinner and we were doing our usual waiting - patiently at the bottom of the table.

Suddenly, we heard Auntie V said, " if no one wants this ginseng chicken, I shall give it ot the dogs". I know we - canines are supposed to act as if we don't understand human language, but we were so excited that we forgot all about the pretence. Immediately after Auntie V said that, I was whining, Jack is barking and Scuba woke from his sleep and started staring at the dining table.

(HC: I am amazed that the dogs understood what was said. I have to clarify that when V said it, she didn't look at the dogs and were speaking to us (humans) in a normal conversational tone. However, I also realised that the dogs' language abilities diminished whenever they were told to stop chewing their paws, stop barking, stop eating etc *roll eyes*)

Joey: oops.. I hope I won't have to work for a living like the humans. I definitely prefer to lay in bed while HC work her ass off!

Cool Nights, Warm Nights

Recently, the weather is going a little crazy. It either too warm or too cold.

When it's cold, Jack will hide inside his bed and sleep.

When the weather is warm. Jack will only hide his head.