Great Pretender

HC found evidence of our language abilities.

The other day, the humans were having dinner and we were doing our usual waiting - patiently at the bottom of the table.

Suddenly, we heard Auntie V said, " if no one wants this ginseng chicken, I shall give it ot the dogs". I know we - canines are supposed to act as if we don't understand human language, but we were so excited that we forgot all about the pretence. Immediately after Auntie V said that, I was whining, Jack is barking and Scuba woke from his sleep and started staring at the dining table.

(HC: I am amazed that the dogs understood what was said. I have to clarify that when V said it, she didn't look at the dogs and were speaking to us (humans) in a normal conversational tone. However, I also realised that the dogs' language abilities diminished whenever they were told to stop chewing their paws, stop barking, stop eating etc *roll eyes*)

Joey: oops.. I hope I won't have to work for a living like the humans. I definitely prefer to lay in bed while HC work her ass off!


Anonymous said...

omg ginseng chicken!
i hope mummy gets that for me to taste soon!

Snoopygirl said...

When the word "chicken" or "kai-kai" is mentioned, you will see me sitting near the humans. ;-)

I did something embarrassing once. I did the roll over trick when my human mentioned it without her looking at me!! That was when they knew that I understood them!