Sentosa Trip

We went to Sentosa recently after a long hiatus. We were there before dawn breaks and the whole beach was quiet and peaceful... until I came along and barked non-stop during my ball game. heehee.

As usual, bored Jack waited patiently for us to get home. The only activity he did was to sniff around for food, hence the sand on his nose.

Happy New Year

I'm back!

From my little holiday at Scuba's place. I had a fun time, but unfortunately I didn't eat enough to gain weight. (HC : good for them both. Fat dogs = unhealthy dogs!

I would also like to complain that Jack received alot more tender, loving care from Scuba's mum... cos she said Jack's her favorite.. bleah.

Nevertheless, I did have lots of fun at Scuba's place cos there's always someone around or some activities happening.

Both Jack and I received X'mas presents but HC forgot to take a picture of them. Luckily she remembered to take a picture of our largest Xmas present.

A wooden bed from Willy's mum.

Jack enjoys sleeping on it. He also found a new way to chew his paws better!