Recent pics during Search & Rescue Training

Here's some pictures taken during my search & rescue training.

I was made to pose beside this huge machine.

Heroic pose

Did you notice my 'superman cape' beside me? Well, I'm only allowed to wear it when 'working'.

Here's me trying my best to sniff out the victim.

Erm.. HC said the victim is definitely not hidden in the drain. Rats, maybe.. but not human victims!

Maybe the victim is hidden underneath the rubble?

Yup! I got it. I am actually barking in the bottom pic.

The training session was usually between 10mins to 30mins. But each time, it really tires me out as I got to 'think' like mad.
(HC : Joey is very 'careful' during his search. He will try to find the best way to reach the victim before indication. In a way, this is good as it narrows down the area. But he takes longer to indicate - meaning more tiring for both of us. Esp me since I hate the sun! haha)

Lost another tooth

4 yrs ago, I had a surgery to remove my right largest pre-molar .

Recently, both Jack and I lost one of our front tooth.

HC thinks that Jack's lost was due to decay as his front had more tartar as it is not used to chewing bone (note : chewing bones help to lessen tartar.)

However, mine was lost due to too vigorous chewing! HC knew it was chipped instead of dropped off as part of my tooth is still embedded in the gum. However, she doesn't think surgery is required as it doesn't look swollen or infected.

My former glorious teeth

Less 1 tooth... sob..

(HC : I guess this is part of aging process. ..sigh.. but luckily, their teeth are still generally clean and healthy for their age. )

My favourite game with humans

HC was asked numerous times by strangers how she taught me to play fetch. Alot of humans told her that their dog either ran away with the ball, or chase after it but didn't retrieve the ball back to the owner.

This article might help : The Peeing Post - Trick or Treat?

Of course it is important that we - the dog have an interest in the toy. If your dog doesn't like ball, try playing the fetch game with other types of toy.

There are also some that said their dogs only play fetch at home but not when they're outside - in fact the owners said their dogs go crazy at dog park and not listen to any commands! I think it got to do with the fact that the dog enjoys other dogs' company better than with their humans. Some humans don't mind the fact that their dog's best friend is "some other dog" and not them. Well... this article sums it all.

Anyway.. I love playing ball with humans so much that I like to train babies to throw ball for me. Here's the video from Helios' blog.