Lost another tooth

4 yrs ago, I had a surgery to remove my right largest pre-molar .

Recently, both Jack and I lost one of our front tooth.

HC thinks that Jack's lost was due to decay as his front had more tartar as it is not used to chewing bone (note : chewing bones help to lessen tartar.)

However, mine was lost due to too vigorous chewing! HC knew it was chipped instead of dropped off as part of my tooth is still embedded in the gum. However, she doesn't think surgery is required as it doesn't look swollen or infected.

My former glorious teeth

Less 1 tooth... sob..

(HC : I guess this is part of aging process. ..sigh.. but luckily, their teeth are still generally clean and healthy for their age. )


Huskee and Hershey said...

Don't worry, you are still very handsome.. :P

billiejean said...

Hi Joey,
Cookie just lost another one of her front bottom tooth last week too! She has lost a total of two front teeth already... Let's not mention how many teeth have I lost.

Billie Jean

Joe Stains said...

That stinks, did the tooth fairy come and put something under your pillow??

Alfie's Mum said...

U still look handsome, bo gay boy!