Recent pics during Search & Rescue Training

Here's some pictures taken during my search & rescue training.

I was made to pose beside this huge machine.

Heroic pose

Did you notice my 'superman cape' beside me? Well, I'm only allowed to wear it when 'working'.

Here's me trying my best to sniff out the victim.

Erm.. HC said the victim is definitely not hidden in the drain. Rats, maybe.. but not human victims!

Maybe the victim is hidden underneath the rubble?

Yup! I got it. I am actually barking in the bottom pic.

The training session was usually between 10mins to 30mins. But each time, it really tires me out as I got to 'think' like mad.
(HC : Joey is very 'careful' during his search. He will try to find the best way to reach the victim before indication. In a way, this is good as it narrows down the area. But he takes longer to indicate - meaning more tiring for both of us. Esp me since I hate the sun! haha)

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Huskee and Hershey said...

Hey Joey,
Once again, we are so impressed.. my mom especially cos she says we (Hershey and I) only know how to play, beg for food/ attention, sleep, pee/poop... end of list.