Jack bullied

Willy may be tiny, but he is very cunning.

He has started to adapt quickly - too quicky, in fact to our lives.

Within a week, he knows that we have to wait outside the door after our walks - as HC will carry us into the bathroom so that we won't mess up the house with our dirty paws. (she will call our names before carrying us - those names not called will have to wait outside the door).

And he has learnt that we will be fed pumpkin immediately, and again we can only leave the bathroom to the eating area (which is a few steps away) when HC calls our names individually.

After eating, he knows he is supposed to go back to the bathroom for a quick rinse (and the next dog whose name is called will leave the bathroom to the eating place).

And yes, HC runs the household like the military! And she is pleased that Willy is able to adapt quickly to the routine.

However, Willy may act sweet in front of HC but he is quickly taking over our place.

See how he took over Jack's bed - and Jack look very pathetic?

Left with no choice, Jack has to lay down on Willy's bed (actually this bed was a Christmas present to Jack from Auntie W - but we have not used it and HC decided to let Willy have it)

The bed is thin - unlike Jack's and mine which is 6 inch thick! So Jack has to find to make himself as comfortable as possible.

He slept for a while....

But decided that the bed is too thin for his old bones - and finally, he squeezed in bed with me willingly! (HC : Jack usually hates sharing bed with Joey)

We are still trying to ignore Willy as much as possible.

See how Willy try to butt in when Jack and I are playing? We totally ignore him! YEAH!

(HC : Alot of people usually want to get a puppy as they think it is easier to manage, but they are so wrong! Older dogs can be just as trainable and adaptable. It depends on how consistent a new owner is to the dog. I know it sounds hard sell - but I do wish to find Willy a good permanent home so that he can have undivided attention. I have always wanted only 2 dogs - and feel that it is not fair to Jack and Joey.
There is a funny incident. As Willy is so tiny - he cannot climb up/down the steps. As we lived on the 3rd floor - he managed to climb down only 1 floor - and refused to come down till I went to pick him up. Then last week, I left Willy at home alone so that Jack and Joey can go to the park with me like before.I guess he was unhappy to be left alone - and the next day, he ran down the steps all the way on his own very fast! Guess he is afraid to be left behind!

Seriously, if anyone of you know of someone who is looking to adopt a small dog - please consider Willy. He may be 10 years old, but small dogs are known to live to 16- 18 years old.)

New Addition

This has the same blog title as Helios' entry on his blog. But ours is a different story (and a unhappy one in Jack and my opinion!)

While Helios now has a domestic worker at his beck and call, our HC has become a slave to another dog - and we had to share her attention with this pint-sized chihuahua called "Willy".

We knew Willy way back - he belongs to another relation of HC's. I think he is about 10 years old now. He was living a very isolated life..(read here. )... that is until now.

Due to some unforseen frecent family issues, his owner and the entire family are living somewhere else. And the owner will return home every 1-2 days to refill his food and water. They will then stay in the home for a couple of hours doing their own human stuff before leaving Willy in his kitchen again. (Note : I think the lights were never on for him at night).

HC has offered to take care of Willy until the owner is able to sort things out (which she doubt will be anytime soon), and is prepared to let Willy lived out his old age happily with us - unless she is able to find a good home for him. (HEY PEOPLE - PLEASE HELP TO LOOk FOR A GOOD HOME FOR HIM - "REWARDS" SHALL BE GIVEN)

Well, Willy is definitely happy now - but not us.

Jack has been growling at him whenever he comes near. Funnily, Jack was always comfortable in Willy's company but not this time. Perhaps Jack realised that this old fellow will stay with us for a loooong time.

As for me, he kept his distance from me yesterday (HC : I think Willy was hungry and was busy going to the kitchen to look for food as well as to mark the territory i.e. newspapers laid in the toilet).

But this morning, after a good night's sleep and a hearty meal - he started to hump me whenever he has the opportunity. After half an hour - I couldn't take it anymore and started to show my anger. Who knows that pint sized budger fought back. Luckily, HC was there and shouted, "Hey!!". Immediately, we stopped our fight to show our respect to HC.

HC also spent a couple of hours grooming Willy yesterday.

She dug out lots of dirt from Willy's ears. No wonder he smell so bad.

More horrifying was when she saw how long and curly his nails has become.

Worse was that two of the dew claws curled into a semi-circle and it almost grew into the skin.

I am sure alot of humans know how to cut canine's nails - which is this way.....

However, it is impossible to cut the usual way as it will definitely cut into Willy's skin. So HC improvise and cut it this way..

Then she slowly twisted the other end of nail so that it came off. Luckily, HC was quite careful and it didn't hurt Willy at all (read : no bleeding)

She is going to send him to groomers soon to get his fur cut, but didn't want the groomers to cut the nails as most of them do not have the patience and will probably cut into his quick and bleed badly.

She is sorry to see him at such state, and is glad that Willy is here with us now. Even though it means she has more work to do.

For those who wanna help HC - please let her know if there is any good, suitable home for old Willy.
(Jack and I will each donate our toys as a reward - so please... get him out !!!!)

Sentosa Trip

We had a group outing at Sentosa. Our usual group were there except for Scuba who prefers to sleep.

We had lots of fun and there were other dogs there - I guess the dogs were making use of their human's long holiday weekend break.

Auntie S took alot of pictures - but mostly of Her dog - Helios as she claims that Jack and myself always have the same pose!

Anyway, Jack is bored as usual - but this time he found someone who shared his sentiments...

Psst... you think we can go home soon?

No Picture Blog

There's no picture for this blog, and I am sure you guys will be glad. Because the topic I am going to blog about is "Gross" (with a capital "G")!

For the past 2 nights about 2-4 a.m., Jack woke HC up and asked to go to the toilet. There, he vomitted out dark brown liquid from his mouth as well as squirted out wet brown liquid from his ass too. But other than that, he does not have frequent diarrhoea and his poo is fine and well-formed during the evening walk.

So HC is thinking that it could be due to him eating soil (the color of his 'release' look alot like wet damp soil!) during two evenings ago at the park (about 6 hours interval). But funnily, we didn't go park last night, just a short lease walk - and HC wonders when did he eat the soil?

And we get no food during the day - so where did his 'release' came from??

Anyway, HC hopes he will stop squirting dark brown liquid at his both ends tonight - and fed him a slippery elm tablet this morning.

Okay - better news to report now.

HC has just ordered vitamins for all of us at IHERB again. Remember we posted on the rewards programme? Well, she is pleasantly surprised to see a few people actually ordered using HC's referral code and we got some credits off! I hope these people found some great products and savings! And for those who have already ordered and have not gotten their referral codes - do write to Iherb so that you too can get credits if your friends order.

For new friends of this blog - you may like to use HC's code SIB351 to get USD5 off your first purchase.

I will post our purchases when we get our products next week!

New Play Area

HC said I am starting to behave like a spoilt brat - and she should not have over-indulged me in my quest for new balls every week.

At our regular park - I would ask for new ball every week.. and somehow I can smell the new ball in her bag. Instead of playing fetch, I will stand at her bag longingly - and refused the older balls that she threw for me.

I know alot of humans would advise HC to ignore my pleads. But the consequence of it is that I still have plenty of energy left, and will pester her to play at home the entire night. Sometimes, I couldn't sleep well if I did not get enough exercise - thus disturbing HC's sleep.

She realised that I wouldn't ask for new balls if she brings me to newer play locations. In fact, I am happy as long as there is a ball - compared to just walking aimlessly. (HC : the downside to this now is that sometimes I decide to just walk them - and Joey will keep looking at me for balls - and many times, he tripped over me/jack cos he's not looking at where he is going!!)

So recently, she has tried to rotate play area for me.

A new location - see how excited I am at the sight of an old old ball. (old = at least 1 month old with squeaker and bounciness gone)

Unfortunately, this play area is full of hiding place for the ball. It decided to hide under the drain!

And HC had to find a stick to get the ball out! This happens so many times - I think the ball is evil! (HC : sometimes, it is really accidental - other times, I noticed Joey trying to drop the ball nearer to the drain - see it roll underneath the slabs and bark his head off! Even if I were to give him another ball to replace - he still wants the one under the drain!)

While I am excited about having new places to play in, Jack did his usual guarding...

After a while he starts to get tired of sitting straight

and almost fell asleep!