Jack bullied

Willy may be tiny, but he is very cunning.

He has started to adapt quickly - too quicky, in fact to our lives.

Within a week, he knows that we have to wait outside the door after our walks - as HC will carry us into the bathroom so that we won't mess up the house with our dirty paws. (she will call our names before carrying us - those names not called will have to wait outside the door).

And he has learnt that we will be fed pumpkin immediately, and again we can only leave the bathroom to the eating area (which is a few steps away) when HC calls our names individually.

After eating, he knows he is supposed to go back to the bathroom for a quick rinse (and the next dog whose name is called will leave the bathroom to the eating place).

And yes, HC runs the household like the military! And she is pleased that Willy is able to adapt quickly to the routine.

However, Willy may act sweet in front of HC but he is quickly taking over our place.

See how he took over Jack's bed - and Jack look very pathetic?

Left with no choice, Jack has to lay down on Willy's bed (actually this bed was a Christmas present to Jack from Auntie W - but we have not used it and HC decided to let Willy have it)

The bed is thin - unlike Jack's and mine which is 6 inch thick! So Jack has to find to make himself as comfortable as possible.

He slept for a while....

But decided that the bed is too thin for his old bones - and finally, he squeezed in bed with me willingly! (HC : Jack usually hates sharing bed with Joey)

We are still trying to ignore Willy as much as possible.

See how Willy try to butt in when Jack and I are playing? We totally ignore him! YEAH!

(HC : Alot of people usually want to get a puppy as they think it is easier to manage, but they are so wrong! Older dogs can be just as trainable and adaptable. It depends on how consistent a new owner is to the dog. I know it sounds hard sell - but I do wish to find Willy a good permanent home so that he can have undivided attention. I have always wanted only 2 dogs - and feel that it is not fair to Jack and Joey.
There is a funny incident. As Willy is so tiny - he cannot climb up/down the steps. As we lived on the 3rd floor - he managed to climb down only 1 floor - and refused to come down till I went to pick him up. Then last week, I left Willy at home alone so that Jack and Joey can go to the park with me like before.I guess he was unhappy to be left alone - and the next day, he ran down the steps all the way on his own very fast! Guess he is afraid to be left behind!

Seriously, if anyone of you know of someone who is looking to adopt a small dog - please consider Willy. He may be 10 years old, but small dogs are known to live to 16- 18 years old.)


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Willy sure is a clever dog. I hope he'll find a nice furever home soon

~ Girl girl

Huskee Boy said...

Poor Jack!! How can anyone think of bullying him.... Wow that Willy is a smart chap! You guys better not let your guards down..

Huskee Boy said...

Poor Jack!! How can anyone think of bullying him.... Wow that Willy is a smart chap! You guys better not let your guards down..

Anonymous said...

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