Sentosa Trip

We had a group outing at Sentosa. Our usual group were there except for Scuba who prefers to sleep.

We had lots of fun and there were other dogs there - I guess the dogs were making use of their human's long holiday weekend break.

Auntie S took alot of pictures - but mostly of Her dog - Helios as she claims that Jack and myself always have the same pose!

Anyway, Jack is bored as usual - but this time he found someone who shared his sentiments...

Psst... you think we can go home soon?


Joe Stains said...

That is nice Jack found someone who feels like does!

billiejean said...

Hi Joey,

We were at sentosa too on sunday, how come we didn't meet? May be different timing.

Billie Jean

JC said...

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Girl Girl Hamster said...

It's nice thar Jack met someone who thinks like him

~ Girl Girl

Huskee Boy said...

Wahaha... Jack finally found a 'supporter'.. hopefully his 'supporter' will start dropping food for him soon!