New Play Area

HC said I am starting to behave like a spoilt brat - and she should not have over-indulged me in my quest for new balls every week.

At our regular park - I would ask for new ball every week.. and somehow I can smell the new ball in her bag. Instead of playing fetch, I will stand at her bag longingly - and refused the older balls that she threw for me.

I know alot of humans would advise HC to ignore my pleads. But the consequence of it is that I still have plenty of energy left, and will pester her to play at home the entire night. Sometimes, I couldn't sleep well if I did not get enough exercise - thus disturbing HC's sleep.

She realised that I wouldn't ask for new balls if she brings me to newer play locations. In fact, I am happy as long as there is a ball - compared to just walking aimlessly. (HC : the downside to this now is that sometimes I decide to just walk them - and Joey will keep looking at me for balls - and many times, he tripped over me/jack cos he's not looking at where he is going!!)

So recently, she has tried to rotate play area for me.

A new location - see how excited I am at the sight of an old old ball. (old = at least 1 month old with squeaker and bounciness gone)

Unfortunately, this play area is full of hiding place for the ball. It decided to hide under the drain!

And HC had to find a stick to get the ball out! This happens so many times - I think the ball is evil! (HC : sometimes, it is really accidental - other times, I noticed Joey trying to drop the ball nearer to the drain - see it roll underneath the slabs and bark his head off! Even if I were to give him another ball to replace - he still wants the one under the drain!)

While I am excited about having new places to play in, Jack did his usual guarding...

After a while he starts to get tired of sitting straight

and almost fell asleep!


billiejean said...

hi joey,

I also like to play fetch ball very much.. But my Mummy prefers to give me long walks.

Billie Jean

Girl Girl Hamster said...

New balls and places are fun. Jack is doing a good job guarding..

~ Girl girl

Joe Stains said...

omdog, I wish I got a new ball every week. My Mom is so stingy!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I like tug the best. And truck rides.

Jack just looks so Jack!

Bussie Kissies