Photoshoot - Part 2

A series of action shots, perfectly taken by Auntie S and her magnificent camera.

Tommy and I decided to go for a dip to cool us down.
But a mini-tsunami almost drowned me!

An amusing photo to share.

Have you seen a more sour-faced Santa?

(A not-very-amused looking Rafv)

Photoshoot - Part 1

Herbie mentioned in his blog about his modelling stint, and here's mine. I have break it into parts as Herbie's M only managed to send HC these.

It has been raining cats and dogs these days, but luckily the sun's out this morning, and so is my ball!

(to my ball) I miss you so much that I could eat you up!

Like my butt?

Jack and I

Why did Jack look so shocked in this picture?

Jack looks worried when HC walks away...

Jack wearing a Xmas hat that is too big for him

A nice group shot

By the end of the 1.5 hours photoshoot, every one (humans and dogs) were exhausted, with the exception of ME!! Yes, after 1.5 hours of running in the sun, I am not tired at all as I want to make full use of the sun!

When can we go again?


Meet my arch enemy..

I called him the Blardy Rooster.

Blardy Rooster used to have a few girlfriends and many many kids. And I used to love chasing his girlfriends esp the fatter ones. HC used to let me chase them for a short while as she knew I was out for fun and didn't mean to harm them. In fact, I didn't use my full running speed while chasing them.
However, one day Blardy Rooster got fed up with me having a good time with his girlfriends, that he decided to challenge me to a fight. He walked towards me, and flapped his wings. I was prepared to fight it out but HC dragged me away.

From then onwards, HC decided that I should not have fun with them anymore. Whenever I saw them and wanted to run towards them, HC will reprimand me. Slowly, I started to learn to ignore them.

However, the other day, the Blardy Rooster was standing right where we usually parked our car. HC was actually a bit preoccupied as she had her hands full with stuff. She was shocked when she heard me growled and moving towards the Blardy Rooster. She shouted so loudly that I stopped short and stared at her. Damn.... I was only inches away from the Blardy Rooster!

By the way, a new species of birds appear around our estate. It moves like a chicken but it doesn't really look like one.
Anyone knows what species they are?
Look at the bird on the left.

Full House

Do you guys want to know what we are up to at Scuba's place?

Me checking out this bag cos it smell really familiar

HC said this bag came from our house, and it contains all dog toys! Unfortunately, even though it came from our house, it doesn't belongs to me. It belongs to Mikki & Mikko, whose mum asks HC to help her to place an overseas order.

and when the mood strikes the humans,

we were made to pose for pictures in front of the Xmas Tree.

Me wearing a silly xmasy collar....
Jack, as usual is sulking cos he hates taking picture.

A group picture...

Again, why is Rafv so damn happy? Wonder what he is thinking?
some xxxxxx thoughts?
Scuba, as usual was dragged from his dreamland to take this group picture.
Herbie is smiling cos he thinks Auntie Sam has food in her hands. Fat-hope (pun intended, hiak hiak hiak)

HC said it was tough taking a group picture cos when one dog breaks away... all hell break loose and the humans has to start positioning the group, and at the same time scolding them to STAY.
Ginger, the friendlier cat was supposed to be in the picture, but she has escaped twice. In fact, she was hiding under the tree (behind the chair) when this picture was taken.

We were so tired after the tedious photo shoot that we collapsed immediately!

By the way, having 5 dogs and 2 cats in a house is nothing. Sometimes, we even have about 8-9 dogs together.
Auntie Sam is quite famous in the neighbourhood now as the dog-lady. She leashed 2-3 dogs and walked them for their toilet break about 6-7 times a day because a certain dog has limited bladder capacity. WHO???? definitely not me!

Dogs for Adoption

Pedigree and (not-so) pedigree dogs for adoption...

Why is Rafv looking so happy?

We were all left at Scuba's house by our heartless owners who are either busy with work/studies, busy protecting the country and busy holidaying at some god forsaken country (holidaying and abandoning dog, is unforgiveable in my opinion)

These pictures were taken by HC when she dropped us off at Scuba's place this morning. Auntie Sam was washing the car, and she had brought Herbie and Rafv downstairs. So heartless HC just tied us to Rafv's leash, took the above pathetic pictures and laughingly drove off without giving us any hugs.

Luckily, after washing the car, Auntie Sam brought us back to Scuba's home. We were quite worried she's gonna forget and left us all there.

Thank god we were treated very well at Scuba's home. There are toys to play including a new 'blind' stuff dog toy. He was made blind by Tommy last night while the humans were eating the sinful MacDonalds.

Herbie boasted about the amount of food that he, Rafv and Scuba were fed in his blog's comment. Of course our names (and what we ate) were not mentioned as we knew HC is spying on us via blogs.

In case you were wondering why Scuba was not in the pictures..... he's still in dreamland and will wake up at 9a.m. if it is up to him.....

A Happier Post

The wet weather, death of Cody and Sparker, plus the fact that HC has been sick and sleeping non-stop for 2 days makes us feel very gloomy.

However, my mood perked up yesterday when HC went back to work and came back with the toys that we have ordered weeks ago!

Picture time !

Close up look of MY toys (none of it belongs to Jack!) hehehe

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you a very loyal friend of mine - Plush Ball! It was given to me by Auntie W (Tommy's mom) last Xmas, and I loved it to death.

It used to have the bright colors of green, red and white. After almost 11 months of hard use, its color has turned to a comfortable looking colors of dull green, dull red and grey (not white)

My favourite Plush Ball

HC called it the Irritating, Ugly, Smelly and Dirty Plush Ball. Irritating because I always nudged the ball towards HC when she is busy watching t.v. or surfing the net. But I don't quite get the ugly, smelly, dirty part.

She had wanted to throw the ball away long ago, but couldn't find a similar ball to replace it since I loved it so much. Finally, she saw one from the online store which has the exact same size and squeaker.

Introducing my new Apple Plush Ball!

Getting to work on the ball

Subsequently, HC threw away my favourite plush ball. And guess what, the next day, I keep searching for it till I almost cried. I loved it so much, and the new Apple Plush just didn't have the right scent!

Back to my gifts...
I got a stupid backpack. Look at how unhappy I was!

I hate to carry stuff. And true enough, the next day, I was made to carry this bag to my favourite pet store. Inside the backpack, HC put in my ball (which is of no use since it rained the entire day) and some poo bags.

Besides the backpack, HC also bought some chew hooves. She is aware that Jack is somewhat allergic to beef, but she also pitied him since she knew that he loves chew hooves. So she will let him chew them for short duration each day.

I don't mind the chew hooves, but wasn't as crazy as Jack. After 20 mins, I got bored and decided to sulk since I am made to wear the stupid backpack even at home!

Look at how Jack is enjoying his chew hooves!

Now just where did HC hid the rest of the toys?????


Remember my neighbour - Sparker?

Well, he died a few hours ago! (no, he is not killed by Jack!)

HC was sick today - gastric and vomitted and decided not to bring us to the park. To satisfy my ball fetish, she brought us downstairs to play.

When we reached there, HC was surprised to see Sparker lying motionlessly in his cage (his cage is placed at the back of his house). She went to our human neighbour to enquire and the owners sadly said that Sparker had just passed away. They suspect he was bitten by the snakes.

As usual, the owners had let Sparker roam around the estate during the day. In the early evening, the female owner let Sparker into the house, and was surprised to see him vomitting, panting and his tongue was almost blue. Accordingly to her, she asked Sparker, "What's wrong with you? are you dying soon?". Sparker then wagged his tail and smiled at her. Then, he went to her husband's bed (husband was working) and seems to be searching for him. After a while, Sparker left the house and went to lay inside his cage. That's when he finally passes away.

The owners were crying when they told HC what happened. In the end, they called SPCA to take his dead body away.

HC words:
I was sad to see Sparker gone, as he had started to really warm up to me. Whenever I drove back home, he will be waiting for me to park my car. Immediately when I opened my car door, he will pop his head in asking for a pat. He was quite sweet to me (and my dogs)

As for Joey, he seems to have no feelings being near to a dead dog. In fact, that little fellow was quite disrespectful as he continues to play with his ball near to Sparker's dead body. He even gives out happy barks when I threw the ball for him to fetch.

Jack seems to know Sparker's gone. He went near to his cage, and when he turned away, his body language and face tells me he was sad. When I squatted down to Jack's level, he walked towards me and give me a few sad kisses.

I have always wanted to take a picture of Sparker to blog about him. But I always tell myself, "perhaps one day I will bring my camera". Little did I know that the only picture of him is of his dead body.

If you can't bear to look, please turn away. (there is no blood though)

Creature of Comfort

HC is complaining that I love comfort way too much. She said that other dogs don't mind sleeping on the floor, whereas I will always look for something soft to sleep on.

She forced me to post these pictures as proof

Jack and me taking over HC's beloved bean bag from Australia.

My favorite 6 inch thick, personalised bed

When the night is cold, I have my very own teddy blanket

On lazy weekends, I sleep in late on HC's bed

Even at my friend's place, I will take over their beds.

Scuba's home, Scuba's bed

And when there is no other bed at sight? Not to worry, there is always something soft - piles of newspaper!

Bad Mules

We were surprised to see HC coming home from work earlier than usual, and even more surprised to see her big toe heavily bandaged and she grimacing in pain with every move she made.

I later learnt that she had a fall at her workplace, luckily she grabbed hold of the railings and only landed on her bum. But somehow, her toe nail was partially pulled from the nail bed and blood was oozing out non-stop. HC said it might got something to do with the mules she's wearing (not the donkey, the SHOES).

But anyway.. my concern really is.... "can she still kick a ball for me?"

Sadly, her answer is NO.

Since she is unable to kick a ball for me, I still insisted on playing and she had no choice but to sit on the floor and throw a ball for me to fetch. However, somehow she gets upset with me very easily.
(HC : as usual, Joey HAD to roll the ball under the bed and cupboards, and I had to get up from the floor, walked over to the 'hiding place', bent down and retrieve the blardy ball %$#@&*^ my toe hurts whenever I move)

Anyway... the weather is horrendous here. Usually, I am cool about thunderstorm and all, but today, it was so loud that I jumped. I tried to look HC in the eye hoping she will hug and cuddle me. But she quickly averted her eyes to avoid me and continue doing her stuff. WHY???
(HC : I don't want to hug and cuddle him whenever he is scared cos it only goes to reinforce to him that whatever he is scared of, is really scary. I tried to act as normally and calmly as possible so that he is assured that thunderstorm is just some silly noise)

After a while, I calmed down abit, and decided to check on my treats stock in case the rain never stops or HC's toe cannot heal fast enough to go out to get food for us.

mmmm... there are 6 containers of dried home-made organ treats, 6 packs of roo treats and a pack of venison one. Guess it should be enough to last us for 1 whole month at least. Yhew..

HC also gave me a new toy to play since I can't go out.

After a while, I got bored and wondered, "when will HC's toe heal and when will the rain stops?"