Creature of Comfort

HC is complaining that I love comfort way too much. She said that other dogs don't mind sleeping on the floor, whereas I will always look for something soft to sleep on.

She forced me to post these pictures as proof

Jack and me taking over HC's beloved bean bag from Australia.

My favorite 6 inch thick, personalised bed

When the night is cold, I have my very own teddy blanket

On lazy weekends, I sleep in late on HC's bed

Even at my friend's place, I will take over their beds.

Scuba's home, Scuba's bed

And when there is no other bed at sight? Not to worry, there is always something soft - piles of newspaper!


FRQSTR=19274566x300502:1:1440|19274566|19274566|19274566|19274566 said...

Hey a guys gotta be comfortable! All that pillowy comfort keeps us from injuring ourselves if we snore too loud!

Bussie Kissies

jenn said...

Comfort is the name of that game around here.

herbie said...

And you forgot about my bed... and climbing onto any available human's lap...

sigh, the advantages of being ths size of a lap dog

Scuba said...

Indeed you are spoilt but of course, who don't like comfort.

Boo Boo said...

We are exactly the same, I dont lie on the cold hard floor, I must have at least a cloth to sleep on. Else, I will howl and bark till I get my way >.<

Milo said...

Cool, these guys really know how to make themselves comfortable! Who can blame them...i feel like flopping on the bean bag to share where we can get that nice personalised beannie? BTW, I think the date of the post is incorrect, it is posted on Nov 21 2006. Hee hee maybe a different time zone?

Boo said...

hey joey,

u know what? i've been reading other doggie blog and found out they like beans bag too. i'm not sure whether i'll like it or not... oh what the heck, just get mama to get me one too!

wet wet licks


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Joey,
My ma would like to know where HC got your personalised bed cos she'd like to get 1 for me so that I'd stop taking up so much space on HER bed.. selfish woman.... I think she is also trying to protect me from 'untimely death' cos pa sometimes kicks me off in the middle of the night without realising that I was sleeping at his feet. Usually she'd hear a loud 'plonk' and frantic scrambling of feet (that's me trying to regain some dignity after being kicked off the bed).

Joey said...

hehe... sorry about the date. I must have travel to the future last night.

Bean bag cover was bought in Australia - either Target or Kmart. I think S'pore spotlight has them too - but I remembered the prints selection were so boring.
The beans can buy from spotlight or a shop that specialises n bean bags here (located at Simei).

As for personalised bed - the bed is custom made, you can get any shape u want - at 6 inch thick - great for old dogs. Please email me for contact .

The personalisation is done in Bangkok - way way cheaper than here in Spore.

Poor huskee - you deserved your own bed. oh wait.. why not get a customised bed for your papa.. and your mama and you can share the current bed? hehehe

Jay said...

Hi Joey.. I do that too! I hate sleeping on the cold hard floor.


fufu said...

Joey, who likes to sleep on hard floor anyway. I also pile up my tissue for comfort. But I like your bean bag. It looks great to sleep in. heee

~ fufu

rafv said...

I have my bed, beanbag at home. but seldom feels of need.. SO HOT!!

I prefer cool floor with fun blowing direct to me.

but My mum says you guys are so cute to sleep on the bed. Looks more sophisticated.. What does that means?


Joey said...

Fufu - if I sleep on tissues.. HC has to get loads of them!
Rafv - then why do you like to snuggle on scuba's bed with me??? hehehe

Sunshade said...

Hey Joey,

Do these hoomans think we are stupid or somehting?? Of course we would go for the soft stuff!! Heck, mum is lucky when I let her borrow MY queen size bed!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hi there Joey,
We thought we'd stop by and check out your blog. Don't think we've been here before. Very nice!! Our Mama had a JRT before she got us wirey foxes. We just love to sleep on furniture and hide under blankies. About the only time we sleep on the floor is if we're very hot. Other than that we're on something soft just like you, hehehe!
Please visit our blog sometime soon.
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Joey said...

Hi Butchy & Snickers
thanks for dropping by. I have visit your blog a couple of times too!
Sunshade - you are lucky to have your own queen size bed!

Anonymous said...

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