Photoshoot - Part 2

A series of action shots, perfectly taken by Auntie S and her magnificent camera.

Tommy and I decided to go for a dip to cool us down.
But a mini-tsunami almost drowned me!

An amusing photo to share.

Have you seen a more sour-faced Santa?

(A not-very-amused looking Rafv)


Buster said...

RAFV is always smiling, what happened?

I love that front shot of you with the tips of your ears flapping!

Bussie Kissies

rafv said...

Well, I was thinking whether I should go into water or not. After much considerarion, I decided not. Cz Poor my dad needs to blow me for an hour later.. See, that's the reason of sour face..

Joey and Tommy, you guys fault to let me envy..



fufu said...

Oh.. Rafv looks different. I always see him smiling in pictures. haa
Joey, you look so active...

~ fufu