Welcome to Singapore, Helios!

After months of waiting, Helios finally arrived in Singapore 3 days ago.

The humans thought he was going to be stressed after the long flight and away from his littermates, and decided not to visit him for at least a couple of days. However, according to Helio's M, he seemed to be adjusting well. Thus, on day 2, the entire gang descended upon their house to visit The Greek God of Sun - Helios! (I hope he blessed us with more sun and less rain so that we can go out more often)

Initially he was a little spook with our attention and tried to get away from us.

And of course, I had to teach him how to hump
(HC : by the second visit, I noticed Helios started to want to hump Joey in return. hehehe)

On our second meeting with Helios, he started to be really nosy and tried to sneak up on Tommy and me while we are playing tug!

All in all, Helios seems to be a really well-adjusted and confident little boy!


WHO hung my ball up on the window? Grrrrrrr.....

I tried to whine for my ball, but HC just told me to be patient and wait a few more days!

HC said I deserved it cos I was playing with my ball when I felt an urgent need to pee. I went to the papers with the ball still in my mouth. And you know the relieve feeling when you finally get to pee? Well, I was so relieved that I opened my mouth. Darn, the ball which I was holding fell into the pool of urine.

HC had to soak the ball with cleaning solution, and that's why it is hung outside to dry.

Life is boring without my favourite plush ball.

Mr. Sandman

HC said I am Mr. Sandman.

Since my last trip to the beach, HC has been digging out sand from my left ear daily!

She is complaining that her cotton buds are running out cos she had to use about 5-6 buds daily just to clear the sand around the outer ear. She has also been dipping ear solution into my ear 3 times a day so that I can shake the sand out.

I really hate the daily ear cleaning session. What's more with HC shining her touch light into my ear canal for inspection.


This is how I get the sand into my ear.

Can you stop the ear cleaning please? It itch very badly!

I said Enough is Enough.

Sad News

A few days' ago, I posted that there was some bad news...

Remember my canine neighbour -Sparker who died from a suspected snake bite? Well, early last Saturday morning at about 2.45a.m, HC was woken up by flashing lights. She looked down and saw an ambulance outside Sparker's owners unit. After a long while, the ambulance left without picking anyone, and HC thought the owner must be well enough not to go to the hospital. However, about 1.5 hours later, HC was again woken up by the slamming of a vehicle door. She looked down, and to her horrors, she saw a black/dark blue police truck! She remembered someone told her that this type of vehicle picks up dead bodies. However, she didn't get to see what was inside the vehicle as it was already on the way out.

The next few days, she didn't see the elderly couple (Sparker's owners), and was worried. On the fourth day, she saw the obituary notice of the wife! She was saddened by the news and sent the husband a wreath from all of us (HC, Jack and I).

Mrs. Charles' (that's her name) death was so sudden. Just a few days prior to that, HC brought me to play ball at the empty ground near their unit. Mrs. Charles loved dogs, came out to watch me play.

(I have a weird habit when I play ball there. I will retrieve the ball non-stop for 10-15 mins. Once I am tired, I will carry the ball in my mouth and walk up the stairs to go back home, having HC and Jack still standing there. HC tried to call me back to continue to play, but I just walk up without turning back and look at her.)

When Mrs. Charles saw me doing that again, she was laughing and kept saying "So Clever! So Clever!". She has this loud booming voice and I think the entire estate heard her! (Of course HC was secretly pleased :))

Now we are worried about Mr. Charles. We wonder whether he can take it as they are a very loving couple. HC saw them many a times hanging out laundry, chatting over a meal. And when Mr. Charles returns home from work, he would say, "Dear, I'm back!" ... so loving...

Rest in peace, Mrs. Charles. I am sure you will be in heaven surrounded by your cats and dogs (who had passed away many years ago).

Joey's Embarrassing moment

Hello All!

This is Jack. This is my virgin post - and I am here to share with all of you Joey's embarrassing moment yesterday.

HC brought us to Scuba's place yesterday evening as they intended to have a long walk together. As usual, she parked her car and opened the rear car door for us.

Both of us are sharing a Y leash, and I jumped out first.

Joey, while jumping, looked towards his left (where Tommy and Scuba were waiting) instead of on the ground. And the yellow arrow shows his path...

YES!!! He first landed on the kerb, then down into the drain!

HC quickly offleashed him in case he dragged me down into the drain (remember I said we were on a Y leash?)

In her hurry to carry Joey back to safety, she forgot the most important thing - taking PHOTOS!

Since blogging is so much more fun with photos, we had to re-enact the entire scene despite Joey's unhappiness. (hiak hiak hiak)

Joey inside the drain (again)

Joey : Can you carry me up again??? NOW????

Later on, an unhappy Joey sulking in the car.


----- Joey taking over ---------

Alright, let's forget about that little unfortunate incident. :(

We explored a different place this time, and HC offleashed us and let us roamed freely since there were no one around.

Let me mark the spot first in case we got lost!

Joey : Wanna play, Jack??

The obligatory group picture.


I think something sad has happened, but I will wait for confirmation before blogging about it.

But now, I shall post some happy pictures on our last Sentosa trip.

If you compare these with our usual pictures, you will realised that the quality are different. (Read : pics are not taken by HC)

Playing with my favorite ball

Jumping into the sea to 'save' my ball

Got it!

We also met a funny looking weimaraner!

I'll leave you with an animated pic of me!

(photo courtesy from Herbie's M)

My Dog Barks Louder Than Your Dog

Can you believe that Jack has already received his first birthday gift, and his birthday is still more than a month away!

HC bought this set of Victoria Secrets' collar and leash set for him.

Both the collar and leash reads, "My Dog Barks Louder Than Your Dog", which is a statement that everyone agrees!

Jack is a very good barker (HC: too good *roll eyes*). He not only bark to guard our house, he also perform his barking duties in our friends' place. Many a times, he will be the one barking his head off in Scuba's house (our regular hangout) when someone, be it friend or stranger comes in through the door. The other bigger, but friendlier dogs will be behind him wagging their tails :)

Jack wearing his new collar. I think he is offended with the statement.

*bleah* How comes he gets a gift way before his birthday? Where's mine??

To console me, HC allowed me to have one apricot from her plate.


Stupid Jack

Jack is a very boring dog. Usually at the park, he would just sit by the gate and look miserable.

Like this....

or so we thought.

Until we saw him doing this

Can someone tell me what is so fun about digging the soil and eating it?? I thought the soil was too saltish for my taste (soil + urine = salty soil). I think Jack is as stupid as he is boring.

My Friend, La-La

.......oops, I mean Rafv (sorry for calling you La-La in public)

I have a love - hate relationship with Rafv. Well, it is more lurrrve now.

He used to irritate me by slapping his paw on my head. But I think he has learnt that I do not like it, and he stopped doing that. (maybe his mum has been nagging at him).

However, in recent months he has developed this special liking towards me. He will try to lick my *ahem*, and generally just very nice to me.

Rafv may look very cool when he is outside, but when he is indoors with friends, he will show his true self - the talkative La-La Rafv.

In this video, I was trying to snuggle and sleep on a human's lap, but Rafv just keep talking...

and talking,

and talking....


Please read Singapore's Straits Times - Home page H2 today.

For those who do not have a copy of the newspaper, let me summarise it for you.

A Mr. Pam Teck Soon, aged 31 was sentenced to 1 week in jail and fine S$3000.00. His crime?

His fiancee, a Ms. Janice Ong was bitten by her brother's dog, a Siberian Husky called Chewie while trying to feed him. Mr. Pam got angry, went to a leashed Chewie and struck him with a bamboo pole. The beating was so severe that Chewie howled in pain and neighbours had to shout at Mr. Pam Teck Soon to get him to stop.

What is not stated in the papers - Chewie had a broken leg and had to have an operation done. He had to be sent to another friend's place for 3 months for recuperation. The fee of S$2400 that Chewie's owner wanted Mr. Pam to pay does not include the TCL given by 'nursing home' services, as well as future supplements. And contrary to the newspaper report - the bugger DID NOT pay the full sum!!!

And Mr. Pam's lawyer said that the owner only reported 4 months after the abuse just because Mr. Pam missed one payment. That is soooo not true. Initially the owner did not want to report to AVA due to family relations. But that Mr. Pam shown no remorse, and even sent nasty, threatening sms to owner, and even hanged up the phone when owner called him. He even went to the extend to say that he can easily buy another dog. (so what's with Chewie? abandoned or put to sleep??). And Mr. Pam, if you serious about your girlfriend, should you have shown some respect to your 'future' bro-in-law? *poooh... spit saliva on Pam's face*

And the 'weapon' used by Mr. Pam - bamboo pole, was broken after the beating. if you have the article with you, the top left and right has pictures of the broken pole.

Yes, Chewie is quite unpredictable cos he bites, but then he was adopted, and we have no way of knowing what the previous owner did to him as a puppy. And beating him so severely is not justified. As AVA prosecuting office - Mr. Yap Teck Chuan said, " Throughout the beating, the dog was tied to a grille and at the mercy of the accused without any way of defending itself... This is cruelty at its extreme."

And Judge Bala Reddy said..."the accused use of excessive force was widely disproportionate to what the dog did."

As much as I don't enjoy Chewie's company (see link), I felt sad that he had to go through this. When we first heard the news, HC and company were so mad that they wanted to go over and gave Mr. Pam a severe beating. But they decided not to cos it's a family affair, and they do not want to make things difficult for the owner. We were hoping for justice, and we got it!!!! Of course, it would have been better if the jail term is longer, but at least now he has a police record.

If this happens to us, I am sure HC will not be as easy to pacify as Chewie's owner.

Now we all know that bugger's name - PAM TECK SOON. Beware of this person when you next see him.

I hope when he is in jail, all forms of pests will descend upon him (lice on his head, groin and armpit, *itch itch*, cockroaches and rats crawling all over him, bed bugs bit him when lying on the cold jail bed) and when he steps out of jail, i hope some pack of strays will attack him (and run away quick) so severely he couldn't identify himself (or the strays).

And a personal note from HC to Ms. Janice Ong (Mr. Pam's fiance) - what are you thinking ?? Leaving your home to stand by this man who abuse animals??? There are plenty of other nicer men around! THINK, WOMAN, THINK!


We had resist blogging about this as the case was not finalised. But now it is a relief that we could!

I'll leave you a picture of Chewie after his surgery.

Playing Tug

HC bought me another new toy. It is called a pull-a-part toy.

It looks like this...

and when you pulled it apart, it comes out in 3 parts.

Jack and me enjoying a tug game with the new toy. Do we look like mad dogs?

I play tug almost every day with Jack. He may look cool at the park, but at home, he does entertain me.

At my friends' place, we also like to play tug.

Here's a short clip of Tommy, Scuba and I. It looks like Scuba is on Tommy's side! grrrrr...