We're Back!

We are back from our vacation!

We had a fun time over at Scuba's place - begging, begging and more begging... hehehe

There was a minor problem though. Usually, I like to poo at home Or, if it is outside, I like to be offleash as I don't like Jack pulling on my leash (we used twin leash) when I am doing my 'business'. HC is aware of this, and usually, she will offleash me.

While I was at Scuba's house, Auntie Sam wasn't aware of my weird habit and was worried when I didn't poo for two days. Luckily, on the third day, Auntie V suggested that I should be offleash. True enough, I poo within a few minutes of being away from Jack. After that, I gave Auntie Sam a 'souvenir'. I don't remember exactly what happened, but when Auntie Sam was holding my collar and trying to leash me, I panicked and scratched her arm.

All in all, it was a fun holiday. Auntie Sam and Auntie V took some pictures of us. Maybe Scuba will blog it later as I don't have the pictures with me.

We are sad to leave Scuba's place, but happy to see HC at the same time. Even happier, when we saw our presents.

What we received :
- A bed (we already got a fantastic bed currently, but she said she bought another one in case I had an 'accident'.... please.. I am grown up, why would I leak urine???)
- a tee shirt (not in pic)
- a bowl in the shape of a cat/dog
TEN of my favorite balls! YIPPEEEEEE!!!

Packed and Ready to GO!

We are packed and ready to go to Scuba's house in 2 days' time!

This time round, HC managed to persuade us not to bring along our beds cos its too huge and may mess up Scuba's place. Reluctantly we agreed, and instead, we packed a huge comforter to sleep on instead.

I also wanted to bring along all my toys in case Scuba or other regular visitors like Tommy wants to play. Again, HC said NO.

So in our TINY luggage, we had packed a comforter, a bone (for Jack), a ball (for me), two blankets with a teddy attached and a bowl. Perhaps I will sneak in some other toys later when HC is not looking.

Here's a picture of our stuff & luggage.

Look how happy I am.
And look how grumpy Jack is. He must be missing his bed already... hiak hiak hiak

Hide and Seek

My ball has a life of its own. He likes to play hide and seek with me. One minute he is in my mouth, and the next, it 'suddenly' rolls away and hide underneath cupboards or bed - places where I can't reach.

Come on out.... stop hiding

I'm gonna get you!

please? .......


HC is going for a short vacation next weekend. Of course, we will be sent to everyone's favorite residence - Scuba's. Under the loving care of Auntie V and Auntie Sam, we are sure we will have a blast.

However, I am dismayed (and embarrassed) when HC showed me the list she had prepared to be given to Auntie Sam.

OMG... what a long list.

It basically list my pee and poo schedule (which is embarrassing cos it shows the limited bladder capacity I have), how to make sure I don't bully Jack and Scuba over their treats.

Some excerpts:
1. ... Joey can pee again half an hour if you ..be firm.. and said 'pee pee' here... he understand... don't believe him if he tried to look innocent. He is bluffing!'

2. Average 3 to 4 hours - Remind Joey to pee and poo.

3. Do not give in to their beggin looks for treats. Be hard hearted! (darn....)

4. Leave ball/toy for Joey to PLAY ON HIS OWN. Scold him if he disturbs anyone. (darn...)

5. Remind Joey to pee again...

6. Joey is ok with ears cleaning. Do NOT attempt to clean Jack's ears if you want your fingers intact .. (hiak hiak hiak)

7. Joey will pee just before bedtime. He will take advantage of you and pretend he doesn't have pee. Do not trust him. (oopsssss....)

God... this is soooo embarrassing.

Jack has been tagged too!

Jack : Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Hiak hiak hiak, Jack has been tagged by Billiejean!!!!!

He cannot stop growling because now everyone will get to know his uncool self.

As his favorite brother (ermmm.. he only has one - ME), I will do the honour of telling the world his 5 weird things/habits.

However, Jack, being the 'big boss' said he will bend the rules and will not tag anyone. Guess I'll better not argue with him else my head will roll.

Here goes:

1. Jack can sit still like a statue in the park for 1-2 hours. The only time he moves is when he wants to go poo poo.

2. He takes at least a full five minutes of 'mediation' (going round and round and squeezing his anus) before he expel out a tiny weeny bit of poo. Probably the size of 1 inch x 0.5 inch.

3. He gets into a frenzy when he reach home (after cleaning body and paws), he will rush to the toy box and search for his chew toy. He will then bring the toy to his bed, throw the toy up on the bed, then throw his own body onto the bed and grabbed the toy and chewed it for 2 mins. After that he went to sleep like a log.

4. He likes furry, small, pretty dogs. Even better if they had little cute hair clips on their head.

5. He is able to display a GRUMPY, SOUR face at ALL times .

At home

Patrolling the Beach

I've been tagged!

By Herbie .....

Rules of the game :
1. The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself."
2. Then player tag 5 friends and list their names.
3. The furries who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims.
4. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

My weird things/habits about myself:
1. I am overly obssess with balls. I especially like to be a goal keeper.

2. I only play with the same red spikey ball at dog run. For other type of balls, I will only play in other places such as Sentosa and other parks.

3. I can communicate with HC's dead ancestors. They liked me alot and always invited me to eat their 'fa-ko' (brown sponge cake used for prayers) . Using their magical powers, I can somehow moved the 'fa-ko' with the plate still intact without disturbing the rest of the wine prayer cups. Usually, I can succeed in eating half of it before HC found out.

4. I like to put my ball on my bed, and violently shake my bed using my mouth so that the ball will fall off the bed. At the same time, I will make growling sounds.

5. I poo 4-5 times a day, each time a tiny bit. I like to see my caring HC get up from whatever she is doing, make sighing sounds as she is clearing the papers. I especially love torturing her when she is having her meals or when she is sleeping.

I tag Tinkerbelle, Billejean, Rafv, Tommy, Mocha.

Identity Crisis

The other day, I overheard the humans talking about the anteater featured on animal planet. HC was commenting that she needs one as her estate has a huge colony of ants. Sometimes, we have tiny bits of dog treats left on the floor, and within minutes, the ants will try to carry it away.

This morning, I decided to be a anteater, and picked up this black ant on the floor. HC saw me trying very hard to swallow the blardy thing as it was sticking to my tongue. In the end, she opened my mouth and took out the dead ant. Instead of being grateful, she chided me for being a ‘silly boy’.
(HC : When I took out the ant, it was dead. I am not sure if Joey was attempting to eat a dead ant or he killed it with his smelly saliva.)

Why am I a ‘silly boy’?? I thought ants are full of protein??

I went to surf the net and found out how an anteater look like…

Ermmm.. I am not sure if I want to be an anteater anymore. What if I end up with a long nose?
Or worse a long tongue that is about 24 inches long??

Oh my…. I'll better stick to being a dog.

Better-looking me


Just last night, I had a dream again. This dream was alot more violent. HC heard me growling, paws and body moving as if I am running, followed by soft whines. I vaguely remembered that in my dream, I was chasing after my ball and growl because some dogs wanna take my ball away.

HC realised that active dogs dream alot more. For example, Jack, the "statue" only dreams once in a while. Whereas I dreamt alot more often. Even Tommy's Dad agreed as Tommy dreams very often and he is as active as I.

And I thought Herbie, who is not so active, hardly dreams. But I was wrong!!! I overheard Herbie's M saying that when Herbie dreams, instead of paws moving, his lips will be moving as if snacking. Hiak hiak hiak.. no prize for guessing what his dreams is all about - the greedy dog!

Let me go to sleep and dream about playing balls. I hope no dogs would invade my dreams tonight.

Who's that?

For some reasons, HC woke up later than usual today, despite our not-so-subtle hints that our breakfast is way over due.

Since she is not working, I thought we will get to go out, but alas, she instructed us to go to bed and not to bother her.

Things got better much later in the afternoon, when she drove us to this faraway place and collected a thick stack of cards from this guy. I took a peep and saw this.....

The dogs look so much like Jack and I (of course the one with grouchy face looks like Jack, not me, cos I am never grouchy), except that they have a big head and small body. They looked so comical.. hehehehe...

Birthday Celebration - Part II

We had a wonderful time at Sentosa on Saturday. The sun was shinning brightly and the water's clear. And no debris and oil spill on the beach this time. The last time I was in Sentosa, there were some oil spill and my body was black and oily. HC had to use her expensive cleansing oil to clean my body.

I had a good swim for about 45 minutes before the humans decided to have their meals. After that, more ball games for me till about 8p.m. when HC decided to cut our cakes.

I heard Auntie V and Auntie Sam were busy the entire day baking the cakes for Tommy and I. Thanks *kiss kiss*

My cake, the 'dot' signify a ball, and '5' is my age

Tommy's cake. Like me, he is crazy over balls, so Auntie V put a round ball on top of his name. '4' is his age. I cannot believe he is younger than me yet so much bigger!

How long do I have to pose?

Birthday boy gets to have the first bite

By the time we get home, it is almost 10p.m., HC bathes us and immediately we went to sleep... until we heard her opening my presents.

See, what I got for my birthday! I love them all, thanks to all the aunties and uncles.

I got another unexpected 'present' - blisters on my hind paws. Urghhhh... it is damn painful and HC decided we should rest at home on Sunday. Not that I minded as she gave us plenty of deer tendon to chew away our boredom.

Birthday Celebration - Part I

I know the humans are planning a birthday beach party for Tommy and I on Saturday (which is tomorrow). But I overheard HC saying that since Friday (which is today) is my actual birthday, she will get me a nice cake to share with my friends. She sounded so happy that I decided not to spoil the fun. Actually, the truth is, my birthday is on 5th August (Saturday), but HC keep thinking that 5th August is Friday.

I was secretly grinning to myself the whole time when I realised HC ordered a fantastic cake for me...... and she didn't realised today's not my birthday until she collected the cake... muahahahaha...

Beautiful cake, isn't it?

OI, don't move the cake away!

What are we waiting for???

Yummy.. cake taste even better than it looks

E Collar

Jack has been mis-behaving!

HC noticed him chewing his paws and upon closer look, was shocked to see him slowly chewing off the skin on all FOUR paws!

In order to stop him from chewing, HC put on a e-collar on him after applying aloe vera gel.

Grouchy Jack with his e-collar.

More about Jack...
The other day, there was this old man watching us from outside the dog run. He wanted to play with me and told HC to throw my ball out. Thank god HC did not entertain him or else I will have no ball to play. Anyway, the old man looked at Jack and commented to HC, "How come this dog (Jack) doesn't play ball.....dogs are like human, there are stupid ones and intelligent ones". In short, he is implying that Jack, because he does not play ball is STUPID... muahahahahaha

Jack : grrrrrr.. who said I am stupid?