Just last night, I had a dream again. This dream was alot more violent. HC heard me growling, paws and body moving as if I am running, followed by soft whines. I vaguely remembered that in my dream, I was chasing after my ball and growl because some dogs wanna take my ball away.

HC realised that active dogs dream alot more. For example, Jack, the "statue" only dreams once in a while. Whereas I dreamt alot more often. Even Tommy's Dad agreed as Tommy dreams very often and he is as active as I.

And I thought Herbie, who is not so active, hardly dreams. But I was wrong!!! I overheard Herbie's M saying that when Herbie dreams, instead of paws moving, his lips will be moving as if snacking. Hiak hiak hiak.. no prize for guessing what his dreams is all about - the greedy dog!

Let me go to sleep and dream about playing balls. I hope no dogs would invade my dreams tonight.


Opy said...

Hey Joey,

Charlie dreams heaps - but I don't too often. When I do mum and dad think it's pretty funny as I growl and stuff, which is something I never do when I am awake !


Joey said...

woah.. Opy, you never growl? That;s so good natured!

russell said...

i was wuffing in my sleep.. those muted barks that my owner stopped what she was doing and came to see what i was doing.. turned out i was barking in my sleep.. Ice was petrified! hee..