Birthday Celebration - Part II

We had a wonderful time at Sentosa on Saturday. The sun was shinning brightly and the water's clear. And no debris and oil spill on the beach this time. The last time I was in Sentosa, there were some oil spill and my body was black and oily. HC had to use her expensive cleansing oil to clean my body.

I had a good swim for about 45 minutes before the humans decided to have their meals. After that, more ball games for me till about 8p.m. when HC decided to cut our cakes.

I heard Auntie V and Auntie Sam were busy the entire day baking the cakes for Tommy and I. Thanks *kiss kiss*

My cake, the 'dot' signify a ball, and '5' is my age

Tommy's cake. Like me, he is crazy over balls, so Auntie V put a round ball on top of his name. '4' is his age. I cannot believe he is younger than me yet so much bigger!

How long do I have to pose?

Birthday boy gets to have the first bite

By the time we get home, it is almost 10p.m., HC bathes us and immediately we went to sleep... until we heard her opening my presents.

See, what I got for my birthday! I love them all, thanks to all the aunties and uncles.

I got another unexpected 'present' - blisters on my hind paws. Urghhhh... it is damn painful and HC decided we should rest at home on Sunday. Not that I minded as she gave us plenty of deer tendon to chew away our boredom.


alfie said...

thanks joey for the invite on Sat at sentosa. i enjoyed myself thoroughly being / playing with all of my friends. I ate quite a bit there. Now my Mum will not just call me pui but pui-pui!

Scuba said...

Thank you for inviting me too.

My mom forgot how old you guys were and had to ask me. So I went to pick the number 4 and 5 (alamak, she still got to call your mom to confirm).

Herbie was at my place and we had some of your cakes even before you guys (only the scrap and the topping).

Bond said...

Hi Joey,

So you got TWO birthday cakes?? One strawberry cake and another with a dot??

Lucky you !!!!

***jealous jealous***

herbie said...

well, being the kitchen inspectors, me and Scuba HAD to make sure that the cakes were up to your standard... erm.. right...

Huskee Boy said...

Wow Joey, I am so envious of your presents.. The elephant looks so cute.. You are such a luck lucky boy!
Glad that you had a great party (sorry that I missed it cos we were celebrating my mum's birthday on Sat too).

Licks and kisses for you (no, I am not gay)..

Jay said...

Hi Joey, Happy Belated Birthday!

Hope you enjoyed your day!

Scuba said...

Yes. Lucky Joey had 2 cakes.

Poor Huskee must be torn between 2 parties. Good boy you chose to go to your mommy's. My mom love you loads so I am sure if you tell her to bake you a birthday cake for your upcoming birthday, she will be thrill to do just that.