Holiday Celebrations

HC has not been going to work since the 19th Dec, and I heard she's only going back next year! Gosh... I hope her boss won't sack her!

Anyway, we had some joyous Xmas celebration:

Goofy Helios :

Serious-looking Tommy.

And as usual, the greedy humans have their tea and desserts after dinner. This time, they decided to have nuts for dessert.

Unfortunately (well, fortunately for me), they didn't do a good job cracking the nuts and a few fell to the floor.

I am not called 'pirahna' for nothing. Any food dropped on the floor is mine.

I took about 5 mins to crack the nuts and then ate it all - shells included.
We had serious partying and begging at our Xmas' party - but I probably have to wait for Auntie S to send us the photos.
Aftermath of serious partying and begging.


Sneaky Jack

Remember my earlier post that HC bought us a sleeping bag each? Well, the purpose of this sleeping bag is to place it on HC's bed - so that (1) minimise the furs on her bed. (2) Cos both of us like to snuggle in bed - separately, I mean.

And her bedroom is not accessible to us during the day because of an unfortunate episode where I was sick - and first vomitted on my bed, then jumped onto HC's bed and vomitted on hers. Of course HC was mad cos by the time she went home and saw the mess - it was like 2a.m. in the morning. And no prize for guessing what time she slept that night! (I think alot of humans would probably sympathise with HC ..hahahah)

Anyway - since that fateful day - the bedroom is only accessible at night.

And ever since Jack had his leg surgery - he doesn't jump up on bed and will wait for HC to carry him to his sleeping bag at night.

So last night, when HC was carrying Jack up to his sleeping bag, she saw that 'someone' had hidden a chew bone inside the bag. At first she was puzzled as she had just clean out the sleeping bag in the morning and didn't see any chew bone. After some thinking, she realised that Jack must have stand up on his two hind legs, sneaked his chew bone inside the bag (which is on the edge of HC's bed) - cos he knew HC doesn't like us to play with toys when she's sleeping.

Chew bone on bed

Sneaky Jack caught on camera.

Xmas wish

My Xmas wish this year is to have my very own pet.

It has to be smaller than me, and easy to carry around.

But, HC said not yet cos she thinks I wouldn't be a responsible owner.

I bet to differ though, I can clean up pee/poo (HC : more likely Joey will either eat or roll over them), give my pet plenty of exercise (HC : more likely chasing and scaring the little animal) and most importantly I am gentle with little animals.

Here's the proof:

I can easily fall asleep and not crash my pet to death.

I let my pet climb all over my head and pinch my ear.

He can crawl all over me.

And sit on my head.

So I think I am ready for a pet now!

Talking about Xmas - I didn't join the DWB's Xmas Card Xchange cos HC said she is too busy to help me. But I am pleasantly surprised to receive 3 cards!

From Hammer and his family, Sundae and GirlGirl

And you know how many cards HC receive?

That's right - Nothing!


How humans have evolve

Humans have always maintained that they are far better than animals. Thus, whenever they want to abandon/neglect their pets, they would say, "oh.. I'm too busy with my work/love/family, he's only a dog after all". Some even act bewildered when they realised that the cute little puppy they bought at the pet store now pees all over, needs training, needs vet visits, needs attention etc etc

Remember my good friend - Huskee posted about how one owner sent their two older dogs (who have been with them for like 7-8 years) to SPCA - which literally may = deathrow considering their age.

And now.... the same species (humans, I mean) have evolved to something even better... they have learnt to abandon their own kind!

A senior Dutch diplomat in Hong Kong has given up his adopted South Korean girl of seven years. They had adopted the baby since she's four months old because the wife thought she is infertile.... and guess what the diplomat's spokesperson now was quoted, "They now have their own children. They decided it was difficult to raise her because of cultural shock. They said she's not willing to eat their food."

How on earth can any child (never mind the nationality) raised by a Dutch couple in Hong Kong not willing to eat their food? How did she survived in the last 7 years? formula milk????

Read more of the outrageous story here.

This pic showed how a tigeress nurse a litter of piglets (ok... let's hope the piglets doesn't turn into pork chops later)

There is also a recent study that showed how the chimps triump over the humans .

So is it really true that humans are better than animals?

Lean on me

Jack and I have a funny relationship.

Sometimes, we are the best of pals and play tug. ALOT of times, I will irritate Jack by biting his face when he goes too near to HC (HC :yes.. Joey is very prone to jealousy attack! And Jack, even though he is a terror with other dogs - surprisingly gives way to Joey and ends up 'screaming' in pain).

Jack and I are not exactly close to each other - we are closer to HC. (HC : I know of same-household dogs that grew so close that they form their own pack without regarding their owner as the leader, and that's not what I would like to see in MY house)
We have our own beds, and don't like to sleep too close to each other.But there are times, when it is good to have another dog in the house....

... cos you can lean on him in times of crisis!

I cannot remember what I did, but apparently HC was using her stern, low voice and talking away in a language that I do not understand.

Can you see my leaning more and more on Jack until my head is below him?

I wonder what do other one-dog household do when you need somedog to lean on?

(HC : It is very rare to see both of them huddled together. The only other time I remembered was when we first moved to a new apartment and they were so nervous that they slept huddled. It melts my heart whenever I remember that scene.)

Xmas came early!

Yesterday, HC pulled out a gift for me from her shopping bag.

It was my dream sleeping bag! .... and it's in blue!

I couldn't stop grinning!

Then, I rubbed my scent all over the bed to tell everyone this sleeping bag belongs to me.

Sorry for the blurry picture cos I was playing and moving too fast.

Ahhhhh... I really love this bed.

(HC : for the past month since Jack got his bed, Joey was upset and had refused to sleep on my bed at night. I told him that I didn't buy for him cos it was the last piece at the shop. But yesterday while shopping, I saw it again at the same shop and had to get it since I knew how jealous he was over Jack's new bed. And I've checked with the shop - this blue piece just arrived and it's the only piece for this shipment.)

After a while, HC walked out of the room and I followed her cos I was hoping to get some treats from her. When we came back to the room, guess what we saw!

Jack was rubbing his scent all over my NEW bed!

He laid there as if that's his bed! Grrrrr....

HC then bring down Jack's own girly bed for him to sleep on.

There are a total of 5 beds for 2 dogs in my house now.

Jack's personalised rectangle bed.

My personalised round bed.

I think this Xmas present from Auntie W is also another bed.

And my night-time bed that was placed on HC's bed.

I've decided to donate this green bed to my neighbour who is an Old English Sheepdog. I hope he will like it!

(HC : Joey is so happy with his bed that for the first time in weeks, he slept on my bed (where the new blue bed is placed) the entire night. Even though it is a bit expensive and silly for them to have so many beds, I am glad I bought it.)