How humans have evolve

Humans have always maintained that they are far better than animals. Thus, whenever they want to abandon/neglect their pets, they would say, "oh.. I'm too busy with my work/love/family, he's only a dog after all". Some even act bewildered when they realised that the cute little puppy they bought at the pet store now pees all over, needs training, needs vet visits, needs attention etc etc

Remember my good friend - Huskee posted about how one owner sent their two older dogs (who have been with them for like 7-8 years) to SPCA - which literally may = deathrow considering their age.

And now.... the same species (humans, I mean) have evolved to something even better... they have learnt to abandon their own kind!

A senior Dutch diplomat in Hong Kong has given up his adopted South Korean girl of seven years. They had adopted the baby since she's four months old because the wife thought she is infertile.... and guess what the diplomat's spokesperson now was quoted, "They now have their own children. They decided it was difficult to raise her because of cultural shock. They said she's not willing to eat their food."

How on earth can any child (never mind the nationality) raised by a Dutch couple in Hong Kong not willing to eat their food? How did she survived in the last 7 years? formula milk????

Read more of the outrageous story here.

This pic showed how a tigeress nurse a litter of piglets (ok... let's hope the piglets doesn't turn into pork chops later)

There is also a recent study that showed how the chimps triump over the humans .

So is it really true that humans are better than animals?


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hoomans are so silly sometimes. What a lame excuse to give to dump the child. I think animals are smarter then them

~ Girl girl

Anonymous said...

the intention and the act tells alot about the 'parents' /dumping an innocent child like a piece of furniture when it not longer serves its purpose! I wonder if they will even make good parents to their own children.