Xmas came early!

Yesterday, HC pulled out a gift for me from her shopping bag.

It was my dream sleeping bag! .... and it's in blue!

I couldn't stop grinning!

Then, I rubbed my scent all over the bed to tell everyone this sleeping bag belongs to me.

Sorry for the blurry picture cos I was playing and moving too fast.

Ahhhhh... I really love this bed.

(HC : for the past month since Jack got his bed, Joey was upset and had refused to sleep on my bed at night. I told him that I didn't buy for him cos it was the last piece at the shop. But yesterday while shopping, I saw it again at the same shop and had to get it since I knew how jealous he was over Jack's new bed. And I've checked with the shop - this blue piece just arrived and it's the only piece for this shipment.)

After a while, HC walked out of the room and I followed her cos I was hoping to get some treats from her. When we came back to the room, guess what we saw!

Jack was rubbing his scent all over my NEW bed!

He laid there as if that's his bed! Grrrrr....

HC then bring down Jack's own girly bed for him to sleep on.

There are a total of 5 beds for 2 dogs in my house now.

Jack's personalised rectangle bed.

My personalised round bed.

I think this Xmas present from Auntie W is also another bed.

And my night-time bed that was placed on HC's bed.

I've decided to donate this green bed to my neighbour who is an Old English Sheepdog. I hope he will like it!

(HC : Joey is so happy with his bed that for the first time in weeks, he slept on my bed (where the new blue bed is placed) the entire night. Even though it is a bit expensive and silly for them to have so many beds, I am glad I bought it.)


Snowball said...

Joey, you are so lucky. HC sure loves you guys a lot a lot.


Joe Stains said...

you guys are lucky, I need a bed like that so I can hide from Tanner!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

What a pawsome new bed you got Joey. You look very happy in the picture smiling when Jack's pink bed is put side by side yours

~ Girl girl

Snoopygirl said...

Hi Jack & Joey,

You have really great beds!!! Heehe.. I've gone one step further. The hoomans' beds are mine!!!! Hahahaha..

I'm still wondering what my hoomans will get me for X'mas.