Piranha & the stinko house

Jack and I have a new nickname - Piranhas. It has got to do with our feeding fenzy.
Everytime the humans are eating.. we will hang around the table. Any food that drops onto the floor will not remain there for more than 5 seconds. Not only that, I will start to shiver with excitement when I think the humans are going to feed me. And, in my excitment, I will just grab whatever food is in their fingers. Many a times, the humans got their fingers nipped. Now, Uncle C and Uncle M are starting to realise it and will throw the food for me to catch. I am proud to say that I have never missed and no food has ever dropped onto the floor.

During this CNY period, we get fed alot. SO much so that Jack (or maybe it is me... I dunno) keep farting, and oh boy, the whole house stinks!

Domestic Fights

I have heard alot of humans said that I got good temperament. But I realised that they usually say.. 'oh.. Joey got a good temperament, for a JRT'. Initially I don't understand, but as time goes by, indeed I saw alot of JRTs barking their heads off in public, initating fights and so on. I even read that JRTs think they are a big dog.
For me, I don't quite care about picking fights with other dogs, neither do I bark for no reason in public. So, I guess that is why some people think I have good temperament. However, I doubt HC will agree today.
Here's what happened, HC gave us kangaroo treats hidden in towels before she leaves for work. As I am more intelligent (hiak hiak hiak) than Jack, my towel were tied in two tight knots. Jack's was only tied once, and LOOSELY as well.
HC went out, and we were greedily trying to untie the knots. Within 1 minute, I managed to untie both knots and gobbled up the treats. Than, I turned my attention to Jack and realised he is still struggling with his knots.. (how stupid can he be!). From experience, a little barking from me will allow me to successful snatch the treats from him. But today, he refused, and we started to fight. We stopped for a min, and fought again. Within a few mins, I saw HC came back, and I happily ran to greet her, than turned my attention back to Jack and we fought again. I thought HC will come and help me, but instead, she slapped my muzzle, and scolded me. Than she called Jack to her, and Jack very 'manja-ly' (if that's such a word).. walked to her with the stupid treats still in the mouth. She than carried Jack to a private corner to let him eat. As she walked out to go to work, she turned back and slapped me again for fighting.
(HC: Usually, I could hear Joey bullying Jack from downstairs, and it usually last for a few seconds as I knew that Jack will give in. But today's fight was longer and louder than usual, and i had to go up and discipline the greedy Joey. He is forever bullying Jack when it comes to food and toys)

Jack always gave the manja look in front of HC. Here's a shot of him that Auntie S took when he was looking up at HC adoringly. Humph...act cute!

Bad smell

Recently, HC has been busying cleaning the house for the coming CNY. Dun know why she bother since no one visits us anyway.
Besides cleaning the house, she also bought some new plants, and I see her admiring them daily.
However, for the last two days there is a weird smell. It smelled almost like dried pee. HC confronted us, but we denied, of course.
Finally, I realised the source of the smell. It came from the Narcissus. It is extremely smelly now cos the flowers are blooming. Yeah, they are beautiful.. but smelly. Reminds me of some beautiful bitch in the park, but oh boy, do they smell! Guess their mummy and daddy never shower them properly.

Here it is.. the beautiful yet smelly flowers!

Oh.. I must say thanks to Auntie W. She bought me a new bunny recently cos she said she felt sorry that Tommy 'salivated' over my previous one. This new bunny is a nice cream color, and it still has its eyes intact. Jack and I can't wait to tear the eyes apart! But HC said she will only give us the new one on CNY eve. Damn.. such a long wait!

New and old bunny ... as you can see, the old bunny has no eyes!

Funny noises at night

It was almost 12 midnight, and all of us were zzzzzzzz......
Than we heard funny noises that goes...'kor kor kor kor...'
At first, HC thought it was me dreaming cos I always have weird dreams. Sometimes, I make noises that sounded exactly like the above, even funnier is that sometimes my legs will be moving as if i am running.
Than, HC realised it wasn't me, as I was by then wide awake beside her. We than realised it was Tommy who was making the funny noises. And, the noise gets louder and louder, until HC got worried and started to call out to Tommy. Immediately, the noise stops.
Wonder what was Tommy dreaming about? Dad & Mom whereabouts? Frisbee? Balls? or maybe dreaming of fighting with Rafv AND buddy.. hehe

Jack & Tommy

Tommy is here for a 3D2N holiday. He is so used to coming over that he does not have any anxiety attack, unlike Jack and I when we go over to other auntie's place.
Anyway... HC commented that Tommy already know his routine here. We will get to eat first, and Tommy will usually wait near the kirchen entrance. When we are done, he will automatically walks into kitchen and we have to get out so that HC can give him his dinner. Same goes for bedtime.... when Tommy heard HC asking us to go pee, he knows it is bedtime, and immediately go to HC's bedside to sleep.

And the most amazing thing is, Tommy was lying very close to jack's bed (HC carried Jack up her bed so tommy can use Jack's bed). Jack decided that he does not want to sleep on human's bed, and jumped onto his own bed despite the fact the tommy is sooo close. In the end, Jack even sleep with his bum touching tommy's front leg. This is so amazing as jack hates other dogs to touch him.

here's the evidence... both are sleeping so peacefully near each other. Before that, Tommy does not even dare to go 1metre near Jack

We're friends now....

Actually, a few weeks before, I already noticed Jack liking Tommy. Once, at Herbie's place, Jack even put his two front paws on tommy's back (from the side, not humping position). Tommy usually gets angry or move away when other dogs do that, but when jack does that to him, Tommy only looks a bit worried. hehehe.... our "PaiKia" such a good boy in front of Jack.

Search & Rescue

I mentioned in my profile that I am a volunteer of SCDF's Search & Rescue Dog Unit right? By this February, it would have been 3 years since I started doing this. Despite that, I still love volunteering cos I got rewarded with a special rugby ball. This ball is very very precious to me, as I only get to play with it twice a month!

I got my basic certification last year, and was given a Certificate and a SCDF Dog Vest. Alas, the vest is too big for me as SCDF did not think they would have a small rescue dog. So, I can only wear this vest to take a picture. For real rescue work, I still have to rely on my cheap DAISO vest.

Me in my hard-earned Vest.

Today, we had to find the victim hidden underground. There were so many openings, and the scent were everywhere.. and I had to find the spot with the strongest scent within mins. Officer later said we all did a good job as we only barked where his scent is the strongest (victim had crawled underground from one end, but we barked at the other end where the wind direction ends)

I can smell the victim.. but exactly where is him?
Time is ticking.. I must find him fast!

Scent is a bit faint... don't think this is the right place!


Yes.... this is the spot!! (barking incessantly now)

Stallion and me waiting for the next exercise to begin

On the way home, I wonder what Jack is up to alone at home. I know HC gave him some treats in the treat ball (HC : Jack never gets to play the treat ball cos Joey is always guarding it. Today's a good time to let Jack play with the treat ball) ... or maybe Jack is sobbing at home cos he is alone? hiak hiak hiak

I imagine him sleeping on the hard floor by the door waiting for us!

Jack played with a ball!

I can't believe it!
As you are know, Jack is a boring dog. Even in good weather, he would just sit at the park and watched others play. Errm... actually is to watch 'out' for other dogs in case they come too near.
Than today, we were again stuck at home due to the horried weather, and Jack was so bored that he took my lighted ball and played with it!

Caught in the act!

Later on, he play dead on my bed


It was a boring week cos we are stuck at home due to the rainy season.
HC has nothing better to do and decided to give me a makeover using two twenty cents coins and double sided tape. She said she wanted me to look like a real JRT! What does it really mean? I don't know, all I know was that I felt weird with heavy ears.. and I cannot even hear that well after the makeover.

Me before makeover

After makeover. Do I look like a typical JRT now?

Holiday Fun

HC was on leave since 29th Dec till 2nd Jan, and boy.. her plan for us sounded really fun.
On day 1, HC decided not to bring us to the usual dog run to meet with my regular friends. Instead, we went to Sentosa in the late evening after a Japanese dinner (HC had the dinner, not us). By the time we reached Sentosa, it was pretty dark, and there was loud music from the nearby pub which makes me almost gone deaf! Also, it was so dark that I didn't know that there were nets surrounding the pub. A couple of times, I bumped onto the nets and HC and friends just laughed! IDIOTIC!

The weather was very bad after that, and it rained almost every evening. It was so boring that when Scuba invited me for a walk on Sunday night (almost 9 p.m.), I agreed immediately. Tommy was there too! We wanted to walk to Bishan park from Scuba's place, but it rained halfway. The mummies & daddies felt so bad that they decided that they will try to wake up early the next day to bring us to Sentosa.

Jack at Sentosa searching for pieces of chicken bones

Indeed, Jack managed to find some chicken bones and was happily munching it when Auntie V alerted HC. Oh my.... Jack got punished quite severely, and was made to sit in the sea! After he got out of the sea, he was again made to sit stay at the beach. Poor Jack.. I can see him shivering from the cold!

Jack almost fell asleep while being punished to sit near HC

I love swimming!

Darn... water gets into my eye

Brrrrrrr... the water is indeed freezing

Trying to bury my ball

Tommy eyeing at my ball, as usual

The waves were too strong, and Tommy offered to retrieve the ball for me