Skinny me

We have always been on the lean side as HC was worried overweight will do us more harm than good, esp for Jack since he had joint ligament surgery and was diagnosed with arthritis and spondolysis many years back.

And you know how usually one doesn’t notice the other when they see each other too often?

So, she was taken aback when she saw this photo of us.

See how skinny I am?

The culprit was my granny’s new domestic helper!

As we don’t live near any wet market, HC would place a phone order with the butcher near my granny’s place and asked the domestic helper to collect. She also taught the domestic helper how to weigh our portions and even gave her written detailed instructions on packing. HC couldn’t do the packing herself as she feels that it is fresher to immediately repack and freeze the meat.

So the other day, HC went to granny’s place and personally supervised the packing. To her horror, the domestic helper actually weighed our meat portion including the bowl! So a 160g portion only consists of 120g meat as the bowl was about 40g!!

HC finally realized we were underfed for the past month, and she made up for it by overfeeding us this weekend. (HC: which explains the amount of shit I had to clear!!)

Monkey Business

A few days ago, HC was in the shower when she heard us barking our heads off. She stuck out her head from the bathroom and saw us barking at the living room window. She reprimanded us and thought nothing of it……

Later in the day when she was closing the window, she saw some orange peel on the window ledge. Puzzled, she then checked on her oranges and realized there were 2 missing oranges! She concluded that the monkey at our estate must have came in to steal them, and that he only managed to steal 2 as we were barking at them earlier!

(HC : I was glad my dogs were there to warn the monkey away, cos I had my breakfast on the table that morning. If they had not barked, the monkeys would have helped themselves to my breakfast and more oranges!)

Jack and I are really good guard dogs – don’t you think we deserved to be fed some oranges too?

Blissful life?

I have not been blogging as regular as I am enjoying my blissful life of eating, sleeping or playing. Blissful until my crazy HC did something to us...

Geez..... how blissful is life in a tiny net?
(HC : before anyone accuses me of abusing my dogs - they were only in the laundry bag long enough for me to take some shots. :) )