Geriatric Vestibular Disease

On 20th October 2012, HC noticed that Jack had an abnormal head tilt to the right. He seemed to suffer a loss of balance, and stumbled to his right frequently, much like a ‘drunken’ man.

The vet said Jack has a slight left ear infection, but ruled that out as the cause of his head tilt. He said that it is a common brain disease in older dogs, and it may or may not resolve on its own. There is also no medication for such disease.

HC is not overly anxious about Jack’s vestibular disease, as he shows no sign of discomfort and is eating well. He does not have the other symptoms of a vestibular disease such as jerky movements of the eye, vomiting or nausea. HC is hoping that his condition will heal on its own within the next few weeks. She does not like the idea of putting him on general anaesthetics unnecessarily to have a CT scan.

It has been 11 days since the onset of the head tilt, and Jack is doing better. He doesn’t stumble as often and the head tilt is less frequent. Let's hope he will recover fully from it.

We have a house guest for the next two weeks.

I-tam was adopted by HC's friend earlier this year. Read his story here.

His owners is going on a 2 weeks' Europe holiday and naturally asked HC's help to dogsit him during this period.

I-tam has always been infatuated with me since day one. He was so excited to be staying with us, and I don't see any sign of depression or anxiety over the fact that his owners are not around hahaha...

He stares at me the entire day! I can't stand it!

(HC : Joey barked and nipped at I-tam so many times, but I-tam seems oblivious to the fact that Joey dislikes him.
if you noticed, I-tam is wearing a belly band cos he marks around my house. He doesn't mark around his own house, so I think it is because of my dogs' scent that he marks here. Even though he is wearing a belly band, he has to be confined in the play pen when I am out, as he drinks my dogs' pee! weird dog haha)

Above pic is only PART of what the owners brought over. They brought two beds, drinking bowl/bottle, and loads of accessories like hair brush, toothbrush, deodoriser, shampoo, disinfectant etc. The ultimate item is a HAIR DRYER!
HC was worried and asked if the owners are planning to leave I-tam here for good! For my sanity, I hope he goes back after 2 weeks.

Since this is our house, we had to stake a claim on I-tam's bed!

Me and my loyal subject.

Below is a very reluctant pic from both of us. I was giving I-tam the evil eye, and I-tam was naturally worried. Immediately after the picture was taken, I-tam jumped out of the bed to let me have on my own.

He is allowed to use his own bed only when I decide to sit on own (pink) king's throne!

It's been two days of intense shadowing. I am counting the days till he goes home!