Nothing for me?

HC came home with a huge bag yesterday and she took this pink-coloured thing out.

She said it's a Pet's Sleeping Bag.

Since it's for pets, I thought it must be for me and settled down happily.

Then HC said, "Joey, it's not for you."

Huh? Not for me??

HC said the sleeping bag is for Jack as he loves to snuggle in bed. And since most of the toys she bought was for me, it's time to get Jack something he loves.

She was right. All HC had to do was to lift up the top flap, and Jack happily went inside to snuggle up.

See how he loves to hide his face while sleeping?

Of course I wasn't happy

And I gave HC 'the look' the entire time.

Most nights, I like to sleep on HC's bed. To protect her own bed, she had placed a thin bed there for me.

But last night, I wsa too upset and decided that I won't sleep on the bed cos she placed Jack and his new sleeping bag there.

I went to my own 6-inch thick bed and had my bum facing HC and Jack.

A depressed-looking me

(HC : I bought this new sleeping bag cos I know Jack would loved it. Currently, they are using 6-inch thick customised bed on the floor, so that it would make their 'aged' bones more comfortable. But surprisingly, when I leave this new sleeping bag on the floor, Jack promptly went in to snuggle. It must be so comfortable esp during this wet season.
ok... I know the color is too girlish for them, but i couldn't resist it. And I was sold when the sales assistant told me they had imported two pieces and this is the last piece. The words "last piece" and "exclusive" always works for me)

When the day turns warmer, he slept on top of the sleeping bag instead.

A sad and jealous-looking Joey.


Snoopygirl said...

Woofs to you two... Jack & Joey...

I love to snuggle too!! It sure looks comfortable. My hoomans are thinking of getting me a new bed since my current one is too thin.

Somehow, I think sleeping on the hooman's bed is better!


Alfie said...

o jack i would love to snuggle up with U. your new bed looks oooo.......sooooooooooooh comfy.

but i snuggle up to my mum / i sleep better when i smell her!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That's such a cute bed for Jack and it looks so comfy too. Poor Joey.. Maybe you'll get a new bed this xmas too

~ Girl girl

Joe Stains said...

that thing is pretty darn cool, but its pink! I think you look much cooler on the camo bed!

Ume said...

dat sleeping bag sure is snuggly! dun be upset, Joey. hope dat u got more treats to make up.

Buffy Ma said...

Can I know where u bought this pink bag?

Buffy Ma said...

Sorry I mean bed >.<""