More online purchases

Thanks to a all-time low US currency exchange, HC bought these for us:

This is a plant-cell grown nutritional supplement for dogs on raw food diet. HC had been feeding us the calcium supplement under the same brand, but decided to switch to this as it has a combination of the 3 essential starter supplement based on Pat Mckay's formulations.

Ms. Mckay has years of experience in raw food, homeopathy and plant cell supplements, and is an accomplished author of several books (Reigning Cats & Dogs, A Holistic Approach to Royal Treatment for Healthy, Happy Carnivores and Natural Immunity, Why You Should NOT Vaccinate!) . If you want to read her free e-books, click here.

Write up about plant-cell grown supplements are available here and here.

And the difference between natural and synthetic vitamins - here

(HC : the articles are really lengthy and gives me a headache each time I read them! But I came across a very interesting study about cats being given 2 different diet : cooked food and raw food. Needless to say, I am happy that Jack and Joey are on raw food)

Let's switch to some fun stuff instead of boring statistics and studies done by humans!

Toys Galore!

So far, I can only managed to beg for a new toy out of this lot. Mmmmmm... wonder when will HC give me the entire box of toys to play.


Joe Stains said...

holy cow did you guys get one of every toy made in the US?!

Joey said...

Joe - the toy is probably made in china and shipped to US store, and find its way back to Asia - Singapore!

Snowball said...

Lucky you... your HC really loves your guys!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh that's alot of toys! I hope your HC will give you a new toy everyday to play with. :)

~ Girl girl

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Joey,
My mom brought back this big red plactic bag of toys (that kinda look suspiciously like what you had there) and then she HID everything in the cupboard!!