Identity Crisis

The other day, I overheard the humans talking about the anteater featured on animal planet. HC was commenting that she needs one as her estate has a huge colony of ants. Sometimes, we have tiny bits of dog treats left on the floor, and within minutes, the ants will try to carry it away.

This morning, I decided to be a anteater, and picked up this black ant on the floor. HC saw me trying very hard to swallow the blardy thing as it was sticking to my tongue. In the end, she opened my mouth and took out the dead ant. Instead of being grateful, she chided me for being a ‘silly boy’.
(HC : When I took out the ant, it was dead. I am not sure if Joey was attempting to eat a dead ant or he killed it with his smelly saliva.)

Why am I a ‘silly boy’?? I thought ants are full of protein??

I went to surf the net and found out how an anteater look like…

Ermmm.. I am not sure if I want to be an anteater anymore. What if I end up with a long nose?
Or worse a long tongue that is about 24 inches long??

Oh my…. I'll better stick to being a dog.

Better-looking me


anonymous said...

joey, did u put on weight?

u look fat in the last foto!!

Joey said...

Not at all... that is an older picture. I was a bit too thin the last time, and have only gained 100g over the last month. I am now 4.5kg.

ice said...

doubt my slave will be concerned if i gain 100g. hee hee... u are really so small that i am worried that i may knock u down.

herbie said...

You've been tagged! Read my blog.

Joey said...

oh.. I was knocked down by a speeding large dog before. He didn't even see me and just banged onto me. I did a somersault. Was so angry that I went to bite another dog nearby (anger overtook my brain... I just bit whoever was near.. sorry)