Hide and Seek

My ball has a life of its own. He likes to play hide and seek with me. One minute he is in my mouth, and the next, it 'suddenly' rolls away and hide underneath cupboards or bed - places where I can't reach.

Come on out.... stop hiding

I'm gonna get you!

please? .......


Scuba said...

Come this Sunday (for a week), you will not have the hide and seek problem (hehe at my place)

You can ask my siblings - Pepper or Ginger. If they ignore you, go crying to Auntie Sam. I am sure somehow, you will not be ballless (is there such a word?)

Joey said...

'ballless'??? pun intended????
(sensitive Joey)

alfie said...

o joey u and i have something in common. i like to play with my toys/balls behind some doors / near legs of cupboards / sofa / underneath the washing machine / anywhere just so that whatever i am playing will "accidentally run" into a hard-to-reach area for me to challenge my skill in recovering it. my mum hates it when I cant recover it / ask her help by barking non stop!

Scuba said...

Don't be so sensitive. U know what I mean.

Please don't ask me to search for your ball at my place coz I am too big to retrieve it back for you

indie said...

Hello puppy pals!

I am a JRT from London in the UK.
I have my own blog about y adventures and thought you might like to take a peak!

Hows life as a JRT in Singapore?

Love Indie