Packed and Ready to GO!

We are packed and ready to go to Scuba's house in 2 days' time!

This time round, HC managed to persuade us not to bring along our beds cos its too huge and may mess up Scuba's place. Reluctantly we agreed, and instead, we packed a huge comforter to sleep on instead.

I also wanted to bring along all my toys in case Scuba or other regular visitors like Tommy wants to play. Again, HC said NO.

So in our TINY luggage, we had packed a comforter, a bone (for Jack), a ball (for me), two blankets with a teddy attached and a bowl. Perhaps I will sneak in some other toys later when HC is not looking.

Here's a picture of our stuff & luggage.

Look how happy I am.
And look how grumpy Jack is. He must be missing his bed already... hiak hiak hiak


Jay said...

Joey, you looked so happy to be going over to Scuba's plc... must be looking forward to the treats there har... oppppssss..

Jack, how come you look so grumpy? You will get more company there.

Hope your HC have a good break, and a safe trip. Have fun!


herbie said...

Is that bag big enough? Maybe you should get a bigger bag.

I think Jack is frowning at the thought of having to stay with pepper the cat... hiak hiak hiak

fufu said...

Hey Joey looks so cute smiling.
And you're bigger size then Jack?

Better check that you brought your stuff..
Hee. can sneak in something extra when nobody's looking.

~ fufu Ü

Joey said...

Herbie :the bag looks small in the pic, but it is actually cabin size. HC took the bigger bag for her trip.
Jay : ssshhhhh... I am not supposed to eat anything at scuba's place

FuFu : yeah i am bigger than jack and more muscular too hehe (already sneaked in extra toys!)

rafv said...

haha! Jack's face reaction kinda like mine? (How grumpy we are...) Joey.. You go to holiday too? Look at your face! hehe and enjoy your trip, HC!


Serene said...

Hi Joey,

Have fun at Scuba's house, do update us when u are back home. I will miss your frequent blogs then. Meanwhile, I will have my hands and legs full with my other gal who is coming over to stay with me and Snowee for thw weekend... (Snowee sulking in 1 corner)..haha

HC, have fun and take care!

Huskee Boy said...

Wow.. your 'luggage' is all packed huh. Hee.. Jack really lives up to his reputation of being sulky.. and you are always looking so cheery! I am sure you will have loads of fun at Scuba's place..

HC, shop till you drop and take care!!

Buster said...

Have fun guys! Your HC is mailing any toys you leave behind to me.

Bussie Kissies

Scuba said...

Don't be fool by Jack. He will probably enjoy himself so much - chasing Pepper.

Yippy. I am going to have company starting today.

Although my mom and Auntie S promised your HC you both are not getting treats, Ginger, Pepper and I didn't Hohohoho

Rafv said he is coming over this evening to check on the terrors (oops I mean terriers) to make sure we don't get bullied.