Jack has been tagged too!

Jack : Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Hiak hiak hiak, Jack has been tagged by Billiejean!!!!!

He cannot stop growling because now everyone will get to know his uncool self.

As his favorite brother (ermmm.. he only has one - ME), I will do the honour of telling the world his 5 weird things/habits.

However, Jack, being the 'big boss' said he will bend the rules and will not tag anyone. Guess I'll better not argue with him else my head will roll.

Here goes:

1. Jack can sit still like a statue in the park for 1-2 hours. The only time he moves is when he wants to go poo poo.

2. He takes at least a full five minutes of 'mediation' (going round and round and squeezing his anus) before he expel out a tiny weeny bit of poo. Probably the size of 1 inch x 0.5 inch.

3. He gets into a frenzy when he reach home (after cleaning body and paws), he will rush to the toy box and search for his chew toy. He will then bring the toy to his bed, throw the toy up on the bed, then throw his own body onto the bed and grabbed the toy and chewed it for 2 mins. After that he went to sleep like a log.

4. He likes furry, small, pretty dogs. Even better if they had little cute hair clips on their head.

5. He is able to display a GRUMPY, SOUR face at ALL times .

At home

Patrolling the Beach


Billiejean said...

Dear Jack,

You look so cute with that huge bow tie!


dink said...

have always liked Jack and his cool demeanor.. ;)

rafv said...

Agree with dink. I am always fascinated to see your face of "NO expression".. haha
Have you ever stick out your tongue before? Human will says "cute" most of time. Try next time! :)


Jack said...


herbie said...

Is THAT an attempt at cuteness? wow wow!

Buster said...

All of us terriers are tough individuals!

Bussie Kissies

ice said...

just wondering. does jack dislike bathing like my brother?

Joey said...

Ice : YEEEESSSS... jack always make low growling sounds(non-threatening.. more like grumble) when HC showers him!