HC is going for a short vacation next weekend. Of course, we will be sent to everyone's favorite residence - Scuba's. Under the loving care of Auntie V and Auntie Sam, we are sure we will have a blast.

However, I am dismayed (and embarrassed) when HC showed me the list she had prepared to be given to Auntie Sam.

OMG... what a long list.

It basically list my pee and poo schedule (which is embarrassing cos it shows the limited bladder capacity I have), how to make sure I don't bully Jack and Scuba over their treats.

Some excerpts:
1. ... Joey can pee again half an hour if you firm.. and said 'pee pee' here... he understand... don't believe him if he tried to look innocent. He is bluffing!'

2. Average 3 to 4 hours - Remind Joey to pee and poo.

3. Do not give in to their beggin looks for treats. Be hard hearted! (darn....)

4. Leave ball/toy for Joey to PLAY ON HIS OWN. Scold him if he disturbs anyone. (darn...)

5. Remind Joey to pee again...

6. Joey is ok with ears cleaning. Do NOT attempt to clean Jack's ears if you want your fingers intact .. (hiak hiak hiak)

7. Joey will pee just before bedtime. He will take advantage of you and pretend he doesn't have pee. Do not trust him. (oopsssss....)

God... this is soooo embarrassing.


BooBoo said...

ummhhh .... excerpts number 4 ..... errr .... its so "unnatural" .... tell your HC that you need to socialise too !! else by the time they comes back, you will be so "anti-social" ... hehehe

Fufu said...

Hi Joey,

How come this list all on you? No have do and dont for Jack one?

~ fufu

Sam I am said...

Joey ~
I saw you on the dogblog and came by to take a sniff,
What an AWESOME blog,nice reads,we sound alot alike,
I like to fart loudly,
then chase my tail to catch the noise.My humans laugh at me,But you 2. Average 3 to 4 hours - Remind Joey to pee and poo.

Lots of Licks~

Joey said...

FuFu : according to HC, jack is a good (*roll eyes*) dog, and he only needs toilet break about 2-3 times a day. As long as no one attempts to carry him, all will be well.
that's why the list is all about me. sign...
thanks Sam... i don't fart.. my brother Jack farts. But his is different from yours - his is silent but potent.

herbie said...

ya ya... MUST have toilet list, can't afford to have you pee *around* (literally) Aunty V's house again, or else you'll be banished to the balcony area like lolo. :P

Jay said...

Errrr, Joey, does it mean that you will leak pee if anyone forgets to get you to pee?

joey said...

ermmm.. yeah... and 'leak' alot alot of pee....

Jay said...

Hmmm... maybe you could do with diapers? I can ask J to bling a new pin for you to go with the diapers?

russell said...

jack sounds like me. hate getting ears clean.. i always at how dumb ice obediently go to my owner to get his ears cleaned.. he is simply DUMB.

Joey said...

Jay : no no no... wearing a diaper is so unglam. and a bling pin??? eekk.. so girly. (though HC wouldn't mind having a bling pin.. hehe)

Russell... Ice is smart, cos he knows he will have to get his ears cleaned by your owner whether he goes willingly or not. So he pretended to be obedient to make your owner love him more. Must play smart, Russell!

ice's slave said...

hee hee.. joey u are smart.. i truly love ice more cos he obliges me in everything. i really had to wrestle with russell to clean his ears. and he must be tied securely before i shower him.. ice dun even need to be tied up. he just stand there while i shampoo him..

pls tell that to russell again when u meet him at dog park. hopefully he will wise up. :)