Please read Singapore's Straits Times - Home page H2 today.

For those who do not have a copy of the newspaper, let me summarise it for you.

A Mr. Pam Teck Soon, aged 31 was sentenced to 1 week in jail and fine S$3000.00. His crime?

His fiancee, a Ms. Janice Ong was bitten by her brother's dog, a Siberian Husky called Chewie while trying to feed him. Mr. Pam got angry, went to a leashed Chewie and struck him with a bamboo pole. The beating was so severe that Chewie howled in pain and neighbours had to shout at Mr. Pam Teck Soon to get him to stop.

What is not stated in the papers - Chewie had a broken leg and had to have an operation done. He had to be sent to another friend's place for 3 months for recuperation. The fee of S$2400 that Chewie's owner wanted Mr. Pam to pay does not include the TCL given by 'nursing home' services, as well as future supplements. And contrary to the newspaper report - the bugger DID NOT pay the full sum!!!

And Mr. Pam's lawyer said that the owner only reported 4 months after the abuse just because Mr. Pam missed one payment. That is soooo not true. Initially the owner did not want to report to AVA due to family relations. But that Mr. Pam shown no remorse, and even sent nasty, threatening sms to owner, and even hanged up the phone when owner called him. He even went to the extend to say that he can easily buy another dog. (so what's with Chewie? abandoned or put to sleep??). And Mr. Pam, if you serious about your girlfriend, should you have shown some respect to your 'future' bro-in-law? *poooh... spit saliva on Pam's face*

And the 'weapon' used by Mr. Pam - bamboo pole, was broken after the beating. if you have the article with you, the top left and right has pictures of the broken pole.

Yes, Chewie is quite unpredictable cos he bites, but then he was adopted, and we have no way of knowing what the previous owner did to him as a puppy. And beating him so severely is not justified. As AVA prosecuting office - Mr. Yap Teck Chuan said, " Throughout the beating, the dog was tied to a grille and at the mercy of the accused without any way of defending itself... This is cruelty at its extreme."

And Judge Bala Reddy said..."the accused use of excessive force was widely disproportionate to what the dog did."

As much as I don't enjoy Chewie's company (see link), I felt sad that he had to go through this. When we first heard the news, HC and company were so mad that they wanted to go over and gave Mr. Pam a severe beating. But they decided not to cos it's a family affair, and they do not want to make things difficult for the owner. We were hoping for justice, and we got it!!!! Of course, it would have been better if the jail term is longer, but at least now he has a police record.

If this happens to us, I am sure HC will not be as easy to pacify as Chewie's owner.

Now we all know that bugger's name - PAM TECK SOON. Beware of this person when you next see him.

I hope when he is in jail, all forms of pests will descend upon him (lice on his head, groin and armpit, *itch itch*, cockroaches and rats crawling all over him, bed bugs bit him when lying on the cold jail bed) and when he steps out of jail, i hope some pack of strays will attack him (and run away quick) so severely he couldn't identify himself (or the strays).

And a personal note from HC to Ms. Janice Ong (Mr. Pam's fiance) - what are you thinking ?? Leaving your home to stand by this man who abuse animals??? There are plenty of other nicer men around! THINK, WOMAN, THINK!


We had resist blogging about this as the case was not finalised. But now it is a relief that we could!

I'll leave you a picture of Chewie after his surgery.


Fu Fu said...

Oh no.. I glanced thru the papers this morning and saw a Husky named Chewie abuse case and I kept thinking was it the Chewie we saw at the dblogger xmas pawty. Poor Chewie, he did not deserve any of these.
I would so love to go over and beat the offender with a pole till it breaks to give him a taste of his own medicine too.

I hope Chewie recovers both physically and mentally from this cruel incident. :(

~ fufu

Joey said...

FuFu.. I hope your pole is big enough to knock him senseless.
Or... could you wiggle your way into his pants and bite his small balls??
(of course you should rinse your mouth with dettol later.. but it is worth the sacrifice right?)

Boo Boo said...

Ouch !!! Poor Chewie !!

And curse that PAM TECK SOON !!! .... How can anyone do that to a doggie like us !!! ... The last time that a bull terrier bite my ear off, Fat Fat hunt the owner down like a HANTU, and give the stupid owner a good trashing .....

I hope that PAM TECK SOON gets beaten up by the prison immates ... let them break his bones also.

I hope no more of such things happen to us doggies ....

Anonymous said...

Oh Poor Chewie !!!

I feel for Chewie as I am also an adopted doggie and I bite too, except I only bite strange male doggies.

Hope all is well for Chewie now ... ***huggiesss*******

Anonymous said...

sorry, thats me

Bond :)

kingsley said...

i felt so sad for chewie that he had to go thru so much suffering and pain in the hands of that bad tempered and animal abuser.

While Chewie may have some issues developed from his puppyhood, kudos to the adoptive owner for standing up and fight for Chewie. I want my human to do that for me too!

I hope that the owner's sister wakes up from her dreamy/honeymoon stage soon!

Fu Fu said...

Joey.. if my pole not big enough to wack him. Maybe I can poke his balls with it. I hope he gets bitten by dogs everytime he meets one.
Yeah, that'll be a small sacrifice to make for Chewie..

~ fufu

Rafv said...

Thanks for posting, Jeoy. as you said, Chewie is a predictable sometimes, but we can't blame him. He might get so scared as puppy so to protect himself as biting..
Biting is not a good thing, what we can do is to teach Chewie slowly, we as a friend of him, we should not scared him. he is indeed sweet boy. I adore him.

but hey, Chewie is a lucky boy to have adapted by current daddy.
He is soft hearted guy but he feels pain so much for him.

I am totally agree with your HC, really this women must wake up to see the world.. no need to be so desparated, plenty nice guy out there!


junjie said...

I mean c'mon! Maybe it is abit naughty and tt's all! THIS IS TOO MUCH!

Herbie said...

Finally that evil man got his retribution, although I had hoped he'll get a longer jail sentence! I could still remember our owners talking about this matter heatedly when it just happened and we all felt like going to bite that ^%#* man as well.

ice said...

Justice has long paws!! I truly agree... Why fall out with your family over a bastard???

Think hard.. Think.. If he can do this to a dog, he can do this to you! besides, u stayed away from reunion dinner over such a bastard?

PAM TECK SOON, I will get my slave and her friends to remember your name.. you will have a hard time getting employed!! i am sure respectable companies will not employ you!

Anonymous said...

hey Joey/HC .. please send my regards to Chewie and family.. anythin we can do to help?

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oh poor Chewie. He certainly did not deserve ANYTHING like that. How can any person do anything like that? And is that supposed to help anything, beating a defenseless dog. Betcha that man's weenie is about 1 inch long so he does awful thing like this to make up for it!@


Joe Stains said...

this is the worst story ever, lets all gather our poop and mail it to that guy!

alfie said...

it was such a monstrous act. the overall harm inflicted on chewie speaks volumes of the aggressor. everything in life comes full circle!

Guinness said...

I am very happy that you are well again.

A man who beats a chained up dog? Deserves to go to Singapore Prison, not for 1 week. I'd let him go for 1 day + 12 Strokes at least.

The Premster said...

PAM TECK SOON! no human being in this world could be lower than you.

and i have no words for janice ong. *sigh*

time for her to learn not to piss PAM TECK SOON off!