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Why is Rafv looking so happy?

We were all left at Scuba's house by our heartless owners who are either busy with work/studies, busy protecting the country and busy holidaying at some god forsaken country (holidaying and abandoning dog, is unforgiveable in my opinion)

These pictures were taken by HC when she dropped us off at Scuba's place this morning. Auntie Sam was washing the car, and she had brought Herbie and Rafv downstairs. So heartless HC just tied us to Rafv's leash, took the above pathetic pictures and laughingly drove off without giving us any hugs.

Luckily, after washing the car, Auntie Sam brought us back to Scuba's home. We were quite worried she's gonna forget and left us all there.

Thank god we were treated very well at Scuba's home. There are toys to play including a new 'blind' stuff dog toy. He was made blind by Tommy last night while the humans were eating the sinful MacDonalds.

Herbie boasted about the amount of food that he, Rafv and Scuba were fed in his blog's comment. Of course our names (and what we ate) were not mentioned as we knew HC is spying on us via blogs.

In case you were wondering why Scuba was not in the pictures..... he's still in dreamland and will wake up at 9a.m. if it is up to him.....


fufu said...

Woh, that's alot of doggies in Scuba's house. Will you guys have a party while your humans are not around?
Joey, I like the way your ears are sticking up. Hee


Sunshade said...

Hehehehehe......Rafv really looks happy LOL. Hey, why do all of your owners decided to abandon you guys at the same time???

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Huskee Boy said...

I think the Best Dog Actor Award goes to Herbie cos he had the pouty, 'I-Have-Been-Abandoned' look... and Jack looked like he is already plannimng 'revenge' on your HC for leaving him behind!!

Joey said...

fufu : yes... Scuba's house is always full of dogs. Most time, there are more dogs than humans

Sunshade : cos our owners are heartless!

Huskee : jack is useless at plotting 'revenge' at HC. Whenever he saw HC, he loses all dignity, and started his loud whining and barking.. and 'clawing' at her legs asking to be carried and kiss. And yeah, Herbie is good at giving the sad look.... that's why he get fed as rewards very often.

Billie Jean said...

Lucky for me, my mommy promised that she will never travel anymore for the rest of her life because of cookie and me. She said that she has seen enough of the world already and only want to spend time with us...... wow so touching... we hope she keeps to her promise....

Scuba said...

Streeeeetch and yes I was in bed. I need 12hours of sleep (at night).

Rafv look happy because he has company. He hate to be left alone.

Scuba's mom said...


All dogs have been adopted (YES by me)

I was on my way to work this morning and was getting worried because 4dogs were missing from my house.

Then I saw them tied with Rafv and thought - what a funny sight and took a couple of pictures with my cell.

Sam (my housekeeper) or Auntie Sam (to the doggies), was laughing hilariously, told me Joey's HC did the same thing (took pictures of the Gang of 4)

Buster said...

Do you guys all sleep in Scuba's bed at the same time?

Bussie Kissies

rafv said...

Hey, it's me Ryoko here.. I am really wondering how come my Rafv looks so happy despite the fact of being abandoned..(aArrh, he might be thinking that life is much better without mum and dad.)

Sad.. Maybe I have no power in his life. Look at Herbie and J&J.. Miss mummy so much face..


Ps. Scuba, you are.. sleeep tooo Muaaach.. You are already so pretty, no need anymore beauty sleep, I believe..


ice said...

scuba, i think u are always missing out on action... 12 hours of sleep is too much! gosh. imagine the fun u will have.

my slave brought me to walk to east coast and back just this morning! my brother refused to go when he saw that slave had a big backpack... he knew backpack means super long walk!

Joey said...

my god! walk to East Coast? i think you have a slave-driver!
Your brother is real smart!

russell said...

thank god now i got a silly brother who is happy to go on those long walks with my owner whenever she feels in those strange mood to walk far far...

imagine how miserable i was when she only had me as a companion. :(