Easily Satisfied

Due to the stupid rain recently, we have not been going out that often.

By going out - I mean playing endless fetch game - and not short walks or car ride to the supermarket.

If we are stuck at home, I would demand HC to play fetch in the small confined space at home for at least 1.5 - 2 hrs.

HC said she is glad that she only has 1 dog (she means ME) that is demanding.

Her other dog - Jack is easily satisfied with a treat and 'rough' play with like 10 mins every night.

(HC : Jack used to play very rough with marks and scratches on me 8 years ago. But now, he has learnt to be more gentle in his games)

See how 'sickeningly' happy he is when HC scratches his neck for like 1 min?

Then, he started to "play bite" HC's fingers.

I think Jack uses HC's fingers to sleep like how a baby uses his pacifiers!

He is just so sickening! How can he be so easily satisfied with life??


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Jack look so cute sleeping in the last photo..

~ Girl girl

Huskee Boy said...

Hee... Jack is so 'manja'! So unlike his usually 'tough guy' image..