This is more like it!

After that miserable post about rising food costs , I had happier news.

HC felt bad after looking at the photo of Jack and his paw-sized cake, and Scuba's mum keep "pestering" her to celebrate Jack's birthday proper.

So, she took a chance - went to a dog bakery at the last moment - and managed to get a cake for Jack.

Even though the cake is girly - pink, Jack didn't mind it at all. And surprise, surprise - Scuba's mum bake a huge lamb pattie.

He received presents from Helios and Huskee.

After he tore it open, Scuba and Helios decided to claim the presents as theirs.
Helios with the toy that he's supposed to give to Jack.
Helios : Can I have the toy back?


Joe Stains said...

Thank DOG you got a real cake, that other one was terribly small!

Snowball said...

Hi Jack,

This is what I call a cake.I am glad that HC has decided to get you a proper cake. Did Helios return the toy to you?


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Haa Helios sure is funny. Happy Birthday to you Jack!

~ Girl girl

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