No Picture Blog

There's no picture for this blog, and I am sure you guys will be glad. Because the topic I am going to blog about is "Gross" (with a capital "G")!

For the past 2 nights about 2-4 a.m., Jack woke HC up and asked to go to the toilet. There, he vomitted out dark brown liquid from his mouth as well as squirted out wet brown liquid from his ass too. But other than that, he does not have frequent diarrhoea and his poo is fine and well-formed during the evening walk.

So HC is thinking that it could be due to him eating soil (the color of his 'release' look alot like wet damp soil!) during two evenings ago at the park (about 6 hours interval). But funnily, we didn't go park last night, just a short lease walk - and HC wonders when did he eat the soil?

And we get no food during the day - so where did his 'release' came from??

Anyway, HC hopes he will stop squirting dark brown liquid at his both ends tonight - and fed him a slippery elm tablet this morning.

Okay - better news to report now.

HC has just ordered vitamins for all of us at IHERB again. Remember we posted on the rewards programme? Well, she is pleasantly surprised to see a few people actually ordered using HC's referral code and we got some credits off! I hope these people found some great products and savings! And for those who have already ordered and have not gotten their referral codes - do write to Iherb so that you too can get credits if your friends order.

For new friends of this blog - you may like to use HC's code SIB351 to get USD5 off your first purchase.

I will post our purchases when we get our products next week!


hungheykwun said...

pls get jack checked. my last pup squirted dark brown i tot it was poo, it was actually dried blood.

Alfie said...

oh dear thats what i had too! was told that its water borne bacteria.
could have come from muddy grounds. I puked so much both ends that I lost some of my fat! Have somehow gained them back! ha3.

duo_disaster said...

Hello HC!

I think we ought to just leave a note to let you know we used your code for some purchases on iHerb.

Actually we have been reading your blog pretty often (can we count ourselves as fans? hehe) M loves your health articles other sharings!

Do drop by our blog if you have time! We'll still continue to pop by once in a while if you dont mind!

Rudolf & Goofy