I dunno what HC is up to again, but she's making us very nervous

Jack decided not to see the 'thing'.

When it gets too much for him, he hid underneath the chair.

I am averting my face away from 'IT'.

This is 'IT'.

HC said it is called a Smart Bag, and with these.. she can buy loads of stuff to fit into her tiny luggage.
(HC : this smart bag is great. Jack and Joey hates it cos I had to roll it so that air comes out - and they hated that air popping sound)

You call this tiny??

Whenever this thing comes out of its hiding place, it means Jack and I will go for our vacation soon.

We will be bringing our new beds to our vacation home - but HC wanted us to get used to the beds so she let us slept on it for 1 night.

Jack and his royalty-like plush bed.

The bed is really comfortable and luxurious.

The above bed is Jack's.

It's like a bed for pauper :(

It's so not fair!
P.S. It's an irony that I am wearing a tee shirt that says, "PRINCE".

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