Home Sweet Home

We're back home and OMG.. HC bought us alot of stuff!

I think there's easily 4-5 kg of treats here.

We also got a new drink bowl and a throw for me.

New collars and tags.

And a new treat game.

There's two part to this game.

Part 1 (bottom) - Slide the two round thing to reveal treats in it. This is easy and we learnt it within minutes.

Part 2 (top) - flip of the 'wheel' so that the flap comes up is not so easy. I managed to open the flap by pawing it vigorously instead of flipping the 'wheel'. Oh well, whatever, as long as I get the treats out.

Here's a video of how Jack and I solve part 1 puzzle. HC didn't managed to take a video of part 2 puzzle though.

Jack - is a little bit more gentle than me.

Here's a video of me - you can see that I am a bit more aggressive than Jack.

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billiejean said...

Joey and Jack, you both smart boys leh... ha ha ha... the puzzle is interesting.. hope to see the more difficult part II video..