Bean Bag

I was reading Joe Stains' blog - and there were rare glimpse of him sharing his snuggle ball with Tanner.

It reminds me years years ago - HC bought back a huge bean bag for herself back in Australia. Soon after, Jack was adopted by HC - and decided he wanted the bean bag for himself. Then, me came along - and decided I want it too.
So sometimes, we get to share the bean bag (for about 2 mins - until Jack decides to chase me away).

I know... Jack looks very unwilling to share it with me.

Anyway, the bean bag is history now - as I've peed on it once when I was angry with HC for coming home late. :)


billiejean said...

hi Joey,

We have a blue dolphin bean bag too. But Cookie has peed on it, and I have tried to chew through it. As it contains toxic styrofoam, my Mummy decided to get rid of it.


Joe Stains said...

I sure hope I don't have to end up peeing on my snuggle ball to keep Tanner away from it!!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi guys,
I bet that the bean bag was good while it lasted, right? Hee... Maybe you can convince HC to buy another one?

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