In my last blog - I mentioned that we won a car seat at the Dogs Charity Lunch?

Well, me the hunk gets to enjoy the seat! The uglier one - Jack has to sit on the floor board hahahaha

We also got to taste Scuba's new treat from Japan.

Horse Tendons!

Trust me... they are really yummy. HC is trying to find out how to get hold of these in Japan.


Sue M. said...

Joey: A new seat AND horse tendons? Good job! LOL!

MJ said...

This is really cute! :)
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Woof !

Dog Walker Los Angeles said...

Good to know that first time a dogs' charity lunch was held in a hotel and dogs were of course included in this lunch.

lildogomine said...

Horse tendons, my mommy may get mad since she has horsey pets too. But maybe if I sneak and taste them she won't notice. Anyway I stopped to share a site I thought was wagulous

Anonymous said...

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