Chinese New Year Holidays

It's the Chinese New Year and we are enjoying a quality 5-day long holiday with HC.

On the first day itself, HC gave us a red packet filled with treats.

We had to do a obligatory pose with the oranges and red packets.

I am usually very accommodating to pose for pictures, but Jack kept his head away.

(HC : Jack usually reacts at this when he is near Joey and treats. He knew from experience that Joey gets very possessive with treats.)

After posing, we get to tear open our red packets.

I was very enthusiatic with mine.

However, Jack was too polite so HC had to open it for him.

We also get desserts... I think it is called a mini-pear?

It's really MINI.

Again we had to pose for pictures.

and again... Jack turned his head away as I was on his left.

We also get to see my little cousin.
He's a 7 month old maltese, and about 1/3 of my size. He's less than 2 kg.

HC couldn't get a good picture of him with us as he is crazily obsessed with licking our lips and ears.
We also get to go to the park for a good fetch game.

On the back home, Jack was so tired although he doesn't do much except sit by the fence.

He was totally knocked out and didn't mind smelling my butt throughout the car ride. haha


billiejean said...

Oh.. you two have been promoted to sitting in the car front seat?

Huskee and Hershey said...

Ohhh.. your cousin is so cute!! What is his name??

Joey said...

his name is either "DIRTY" or "IRRITATING"... haha

Dog Training Tips said...

Belated Happy Chinese New Year!!! You're so cute...

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Eugene said...

Hi Joey! We're having a party Sentosa Wavehouse this Sunday and would like to invite yourself, Jack and HC to come! I would like to email you more details but can't find your email address! Could you email me your contact please?

lildogomine said...

I love the car seat. I think I might like one in pink. I'm glad you enjoyed the treats and here is that website, as promised.

invisible fence said...

Poor you! Come here & stay with us. We will play with you.

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