My 7th Birthday

It's my birthday.. and HC would have forgotten all about it if not for a reminder by Auntie V :(

So, HC cancelled her appointment at night in order to spend some time with me.

She said she bought me a 'cake' from Delifrance.

Ermmm... is that a cake? or leftover 2-day old pastry from the fridge?
It was hard as a rock and as tiny as my little paw. Worse is, I had only 2/3 of it, as Jack had to eat some too.
There are NO PRESENTS this year, and NO CELEBRATION (WITH REAL CAKES AND COOKIES) with my friends!!!!! What's happening??????
HC explained that I had presents (i.e. new toys) every other week or so, so it is not important to have any present on my birthday. Most importantly, the person I love (which is HC - according to her *roll eyes*) spend the day evening with me, right?
Oh well, I did have fun in the park with HC..... sigh...
(HC : I used to really look forward to celebrating birthdays with my dogs - but somehow not this year. I guess it is because having birthdays mean that they are reaching their old age. it is the same with my own birthday too... hahahha... I have stopped counting the birthdays since my early 20s..
I was thinking back when Joey came into my family home when he's a mere 3 months old puppy. He's mischievous, naughty, hyperactive.... I remembered the damage he did - chewing off part of the wall, chewing the legs of tables and chairs, dragging Jack's bed across the hall with Jack STILL SLEEPING on it, stealing human's socks and lingerie and ran around the house happily, eating my mum's high blood pressure pills...
I am so glad that he has passed his naughty phase. After 7 years, he has become a very good companion, and the bond between us is indescribable... I knew exactly what he is thinking/plotting even before he act it out. I am so glad that he is still very active and healthy at 7 years of age... and I hope to have many many more years with him, and of course with Jack)


Snowball said...

Happy 7th Barkday, Joey!



Joe Stains said...

Happy Birthday Joey. Sounds like you and I have a lot more in common than our names, I was pretty bad when I was young too!

Huskee Boy said...

HaPPy BaRkDaY Joey!!!

P/S: My mom commented that your puppy antics sound eerily familiar to her now.. I wonder why..??

Snoopygirl said...

Happy B'day Joey!!!

I'm approaching my 5th b'day too. Wonder what the hoomans will get me... :P

**Hope that Rusty doesn't eat my cake**

Snoopy-girl & Rusty-boy