New 'things'

HC said I shouldn't be complaining about a boring 7th birthday... as I'm a very pampered (really??) dog who has alot of new 'things' almost every other week.

So.. she reminded me to post these pictures.

A new collar?

Don't I look smashing? Ermm.. actually I look smashing all the time, with or without collars.

New toy.

Besides trying to 'kill' the bird, sometimes I am very loving and sleep on it.

So... I guess I am luckier than most dogs..


Joe Stains said...

both of those things are very nice!!

Huskee Boy said...

That is one nice collar.. my mom says it costs a lot.. Urmm.. can I borrow it sometime??

Joey said...

heheh... thanks Joe Stains.
Huskee - I am sure your mum can afford it... teeheehehe

Ruki said...

Hi Joey, get more toys and doggie apparel from !