Too many visitors

Max is gone !!!! YAY!

His mum and human brother came to pick him up in the evening after HC returned home from work. Max was so so happy to see his family again! HC reminded the owner that Max's AVA tag is coming off, and advised her to also engraved their personal contact number. If they had done that, HC would be able to call them directly instead of waiting for the next morning when AVA is available to assist.

Anyway, Max's family said that Max should be enticed by the workers nearby with food cos he is very greedy (which explains his waist size!), and that Max was all along very well behaved and do not wander off on his own. He is so well bahaved that he won't step into the house until the owners give the okay (think they have a garden for Max). But they did say that they will fix the gate properly as it wasn't very secure.

Max's mum was very nice and gave HC a bottle of wine, chocolates and a thank-you card. HC gave the bottle of wine to her neighbour cos they sponsored Max's food last night. (We couldn't feed Max as we do not have kibbles at home, and all our fresh meat in the fridge are not enough to feed him! hiak hiak hiak)

Max finally left after some small talk made by the humans.... and Jack and I were so relieved to have HC all to ourselves again.

I think we had too many visitors this past week. First, we had Willy who left early this week, then now this Max!

We really need to have the bed to sleep on (HC:selfish bugger!)

Let me show you how I was denied a place on my own bed!

The injustice!


More waiting....

Finally, I couldn't take the waiting anymore and found a small spot on MY bed!

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